Bright Bangles

October 20, 2014

I picked up these beautiful flowers today in my dad's flower garden and could not resist taking a photo of them! Today, I wore these gorgeous bangles from Sunburst Jewels. I got so many compliments and questions asking where they were from today. I absolutely adore the colors and the quality of these bangles.
There are three main traits I look at when purchasing bangles:
1. Size: I have a tiny wrist so bulky bangles do not look the best on me! Of course, the purpose of bangles are to be bulky but not in an unfashionable way. These bangles fit loosely but not too loose. They don't look oversized and overpowering.
2. Versatility: I see some bangles that are absolutely the cutest prints but the problem is are they versatile. I want to be able to wear them with multiple outfits. I like to choose basic colors that I wear often. The pearly bangle I am wearing goes along with every outfit I wear! I would definitely recommend buying it! While the pink and turquoise one aren't as versatile as the pearl bangle, they still go along with a lot of my outfits. Sadly, the turquoise bangle is no longer on the website so here is a similar one.
3. Quality: I would highly suggest asking anyone who sells bangles if it tarnishes. When buying jewelry, I always want to make sure I get the most out of it. Do not waste on your money on a piece that will soon be no use. Also, check the weight of it. If you are online shopping, ask the owner. I want to be cute as well as comfortable when wearing jewelry! I do have a small wrist so everyone differs in what they can handle.
Hope you enjoyed this blog! Where are your favorite places to buy bangels?

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