How To: Stay Organized

November 15, 2014

To me, organization is very important. I have noticed that when I have everything nicely placed and layed out, I am less stressed. With my busy schedule, it can be easy for me to forget a few things. Hopfully, I can help you prevent that from happening. Here are some tips on how to stay organized:

ONE: Use your Agenda

I have heard this a million times in my life but never really listened until this year. Now, I see what I missed out on. Between sports games, modeling gigs, blog posts and collaborations, I am packed throughout the week. An agenda really lays out my week, so I can plan accordingly. It never hurts to write in a cute agenda either. I love using my Lilly agenda, because it is so colorful and has so many tabs to help me be organized. I also suggest a Kate Spade agenda. Those are, again, super cute and really are great to help plan. Usually agendas include a note section, yearly overview, monthly overview, and weekly overview. Take advantage of all of these things. I love writing in my notes section. I have lists for what I need to purchase, project ideas, diy ideas, blog posts, and more. Agendas are so convenient and affordable. If you don't want to buy from Lilly Pulitzer or Kate Spade because they are on more of the expensive side, I recommend you search your local Target. I love this, this, and this last one.
TWO: Color Code

If you know me, you know I am not the person to leave a piece of paper without a little bit of color. Yes, I am guilty of doodling on my tests and quizzes with colorful pens. Whether you are writing notes, lists, homework, or events happening, you should color code. For instance, I write all my English homework in pink sharpie, my blog related things in orange, and my random events in yellow. This has saved me from the threat of being without color and being confused of what I wrote. I recommend you use Sharpie's fine point pens. They are thin and come in a rainbow of colors!
THREE: Plan ahead of time
I am guilty of procrastinating and waiting to the last second for planning and doing things. I realize as I am getting closer to college that that will only effect me in the negative way. There is only one thing to solve that then: plan ahead of time. Gasp. You mean not doing my project the day of or not remembering to plan an event. Yes, that is exactly what I mean.  If you have a planner, use it. Plan when you are going to a friend's house, so you know that weekend is booked and not to plan any big events. Plan when you are going to start on a project. For projects, I like to do every section on different days to take the stress off my shoulders. As a blogger, I know what it is to forget you had an event and also a collaboration on the same day. Plan accordingly. If you know you are going to be busy, don't squeeze in something to "get it done". That task will most likely be hastily put together and not given the best effort. Use that monthly overview in the front of your agenda to the greatest advantage.
Thank you for reading! I hope this helps you out. If you have any tips on how to stay organized, please feel free to share in the comments below.

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