The Ice Rink

November 2, 2014

       As I say always, it has been a busy busy week. Basketball workouts started this week, and they sure we're killers. It has been a week since my birthday and feels great to be a year older. I also got to celebrate my best friend's birthday Saturday (Nov. 1). We went ice skating.
At first, I was a total wall hugger. I had no idea how to skate whatsoever. I had done it before, but that was a year ago. Ten minutes later, I finally built up enough courage to get off the wall and skate around. I wasn't actually that bad. I only fell once which was a record. 
The kids at the rink were amazing though! It amazes me how talented one can be. Never underestimate someone.
I had a simple outfit on: a tee, cardigan, and leggings. My monogrammed pullover is from this etsy shop . It is absolutely so comfortable, and I always get a lot of compliments.


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