50 Random Acts of Kindness

January 2, 2015

It's 2015! Is that not crazy?! This year I have motivated myself to strive to keep my New Year's Resolutions and all around become a better person. One thing that really inspires me is when someone randomly does an act of kindness. Whether it's towards me, a friend, or a complete stranger, I find it touching whenever someone does something out of the kindness of their heart. Here is a list of 50 acts of kindness I encourage you to take on in the new year and so forth:

1.  Make a friend or co-worker breakfast one day. Most people skip breakfast, so giving them a little meal in the morning will definitely boost their day. 
2. Leave a small encouraging note saying "Smile Beautiful" or anything motivating in a public bathroom. 
3. In a fast-food restaurant or any restaurant, pay for the person's meal behind you.
4. Compliment someone you may not talk to or talk to at all.  I love making a stranger smile. You never know what that person is going through that day.  
5. Send flowers to one of your neighbors anonymously. 
6. Call one of your old friends who you rarely talk to. The key is to call them instead of texting. Catch up on details of their life! You may just sprout the beginning of a better relationship!
7. Visit your local nursing home! It's sad that most elders do not get many visitors there. Make their day by playing a simple game of chess or just having a conversation with them
8. Bring balloons to a children's hospital! The smiles and laughter of those kids will truly light up your day!
9. Offer to babysit a family friend's child for free, so the parents can go on a date night.
10. Donate your rarely used clothing to a charity for the veterans. 
11. Volunteer in your local soup kitchen. 
12. Run for charity in a marathon!
13. Text someone an inspiring note in the morning to boost their day.
14. Leave money on a parking meter for the next person who comes along. 
15. On a rainy day, carry around an extra umbrella, so you can give it to a person who needs one.
16. Buy groceries for one of your neighbors or friends.
17. Sit down and really listen to someone.
18. Pay for a toy in the toy store for a child. 
19. Make a collage of pictures for one of your friends or family members.
20. Give one of your friends a basket of their favorite candy. This may not be the healthiest gift, but will definitely be heart felt. 
21.  Clean up any litter and trash you see.
22.  While waiting in line to order your food,let the person behind you go first.
23. If you see a stranger in need of directions, offer your help.
24. Bring hot chocolate or coffee to a friend who needs a pick-me up. 
25. Make a memory jar for one of your friends.
26. Bake a special treat for your classmates or co-workers to share.
27. When going out to dinner with your friends or family, pay for everyone's meal. 
28. Draw some pictures and crafts to send to senior citizens.
29. Tip your waiter/waitress generously. 
30. In a full room, give up your seat to a person who does not have one. 
31. Put together a little snack and leave it in the mailbox for your mail man 
32. Leave a bowl of mints for others in a public restroom. 
33. Hang a small bag of Hershey Kisses and chocolates for your neighbor. Leave a small note of encouragement with them, as well.
34. Water a neighbor's garden.
35. Treat your parents to dessert! They have done so much for you and deserve a little treat for once in a while. 
36. Take your niece or nephew out for pancakes!
37. Leave money at the gas pump for the next person to come. 
38. Host a car wash that gives all proceeds to a charitable organization. 
39. Sit by someone who seems left out and start up a conversation. 
40. Buy a few blankets and warm clothing like mittens, hats, and jackets for people in need. 
41. Volunteer to read to children in a library. 
42. Give someone a homemade card.
43. While out shopping with one of your friends, pay for an item they really want.
44. Make someone who is feeling unhappy laugh and smile!
45.  Tape $2 to a Redbox for the next person who comes along. 
46. Mow your neighbor's lawn.
47. Bake cookies for your local fire and police department. 
48. On a hot day, hand out water bottles to people in the streets. 
49. Buy ice cream for kids in the park at the ice cream truck.
50. Smile at as many people as you can :)

These acts may be small but make a big difference. Be the reason why that person smiles that day! These do not only benefit the person you act upon but also yourself. Be the change in your community and make the best out of each day.


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