Office Essentials

January 28, 2015


Organizing my desk is possibly my favorite thing to organize. I just love putting together my office theme with different supplies, art, and decor. If you could not tell, I love Kate Spade's office supplies. Gold is definitely a key color in my color scheme. I, also, adore mugs! I have quite an obsession (especially ones that quote Blair Waldorf). 
The only thing missing here is a vase full of peonies. I love how they just make your desk look so much more put together. Who would've thought even those with a black thumb could maintain flowers? As I said, I love decorating my desk. Whenever my desk is clean, I feel so much better and less stressed. A disheveled work space is never a good environment for one to focus in. 
The serenity of a clean surrounding will definitely ease your mind. I hope you got some ideas for your office from this post. What are some of your favorite office essentials?


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