A Single Girl's Guide to Valentine's Day

February 11, 2015

There are two sad words in a single girl's vocabulary - Valentine's Day. Yes, that time of the year is here again. Boxes of chocolate, over-sized teddy bears, and sweet cards bombard the aisles of your department stores. All you see is couples strolling down the walk way hand-in-hand. If you are anything like me, envy sometimes gets the best of you. Valentine's Day seems to mean Single Awareness Day. Let me let you in a little secret though: it doesn't have to be! 
Valentine's Day shouldn't be a day where you never get out of bed and watch "sob your eyes out" chick-flicks. You shouldn't binge on Edy's ice cream all day pitying yourself. A lack of a significant someone should not define who you are. A freedom we have today is independence. We don't need to depend on a guy to make us happy. This day should be about loving your family, friends, and most importantly yourself. In order to love others, you have to love yourself first. 
Take the day off and have fun! Don't waste another second feeling sorry for your relationship status. You never get that second back. The thing that is so unique about life is that you never know when it will end. I sound like I am going to be really deep right now, but I am just being honest. I would hate to look back on my life and say "I wish I would've made more out of my life back then". Have fun! Take risks! Have a few adventures!

Here's a list of things to on Valentine's Day:

1. Sit back. Relax. And have a spa day.
2. Nothing else says happiness better than food, especially if it's coming from your own kitchen. Open that dusty cookbook and find a new recipe. 
3. Shop until you drop. 
4. Band together all the single ladies and watch a movie. No sappy, romance movies but funny, comedy movies that will have everyone rolling on the floor.  
5. Purchase that wish listed item. 
6. Experiment with different makeup ideas and hairstyles. 
7. Go for a run. 
8. Organize that extra clutter lying around.
9. Grab some fro-yo!
10. Write love letters to your loved ones. 
11. Complete any unfinished chores.
12. Starbucks is always an option. 
13. Go to the park with your girlfriends.
14. Walk your closet's runway with a fashion show. 
15. Bake cookies for you and your neighbors.
16. Do that DIY craft you pinned on Pinterest months ago.
17. Buy your own flowers.
18. Create your own 'Girl Power' playlist.
19. Volunteer at a hospital or soup kitchen.
20. Host a Galentine's Day party. 


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