DIY: Glitter Ampersand

February 17, 2015

As I did my daily routine of scrolling down my Pinterest feed at the end of the day, I saw this adorable golden glitter ampersand (&). I clicked through to the link, and it did not take me to where I could purchase it. That's one of the few things I dislike about Pinterest. I searched through Etsy and found a few similar items. Then I had this though. Why don't I make it myself? I have all the supplies. I should not spend money on something I can easily put together. Half way through the project, I came to realization that you all would probably want to do this project as well. Here is a quick DIY:

Items needed:

•ampersand sign
•glitter (of your choice)
•glue or ModPodge

1. First thing I did was search for the ampersand sign on Google. A bunch of different variations showed up, but I chose this one. You can download it here. I, also, prepared my glue and glitter. 

2. Trace the sign onto your Cardstock. Once you've completed that, spread glue out onto the drawn on symbol until it was fully covered. You can used modpodge for this project, but since I ran out I just used regular glue. 

3. Glitterfy it. I am sure that is not even a word, but it will be for this project. Pour your glitter  color of your choice onto the cardstock.

4. Shake the glitter off gently onto a spare piece of paper. You can try to pour it back into the glitter container, but that might get a bit messy. I like to shake it off onto a sheet of paper then wrap it up to funnel the glitter back into the container.

5. (Optional) Repeat. There may still be some un-glitterfyed spots in the ampersand, so just go over those sections with a little big of glue and glitter.
6. Clean up the edges and wait until it's dry.

7. (optional) To prevent the glitter from going everywhere in the future, I would recommend painting or spraying glue onto your sign and let dry.

V'oila! Once dry, you have your very own glitter ampersand. 

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. If you created this, feel free to post it only your social media and tag me!


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