Monogrammin' In the South

February 7, 2015

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Have you ever noticed how most southern girls monogram everything? In these past few years, I have built up a nice collection of monogrammed items. I literally always get the question "Oh, is that monogrammed too." Most of the time I reply with "yes". I don't know what it is but something about putting your initials on everything makes me feel so satisfied and put together. I always get my clothing and items mixed up with others so monogramming is a great tool. 
I recently discovered The Chevron Owl Shop. If their name doesn't make your heart melt, then there items definitely will! This shop makes me envy those in a sorority. I cannot wait until college when I can pledge! Besides Greek apparel, they also have monogrammed items. I chose this monogrammed t-shirt with the cutest quote, " The tea is sweet, the girls are sweeter. The south." This has to be one of my new favorite tees. The gingham bow tie makes my heart melt everytime! I am wearing a small, but it is huge. Oversized tees are my favorite though because I can wear them with leggings or running shorts and still be comfy. One of my favorite things to pair with tees are vests. I didn't wear a vest with this outfit, but I would definitely wear my Charles River Apparel Vest.
I, also, received these tortoise shell monogrammed sunglasses. I have been eyeing (pun not intended) this type of sunglasses since the summer time. I have monogrammed most everything except these, so of course I was ecstatic to receive these. Yes, if you look at the closeup you do see a gash on my face. That is one of the dangers of playing female athletics. To say the least, yes, girls do have very sharp nails. Although it looks like a vicious cat scratched up my cheek, it actually was a female human. Until this heals up, concealer and scar mediation will be my best friend.
Okay, let's get back on track. A t-shirt, leggings, and my Converse is one of my go-to outfits. If you are always out and about, this is the best apparel to wear! I hope you liked this outfit! What is your go-to outfit?


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