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January 31, 2015

At the end of the week, who can resist a White Chocolate Mocha? Honestly, I really didn't have anything exciting happen until the weekend. The weather is slowly becoming warmer (30-40 degrees). No snow more North Carolina yet. It's honestly depressing when I see l these girls post beautiful pictures with snow in the background.
Although it isn't snowing, it is still quite cold. You've heard this before but blanket scarves are a must. If you do not own a blanket scarf, run to your nearest boutique or mall and purchase one of your own. School is so much more comfortable with this scarf. It's alwahs freezing in my classrooms so I just use it as blanket. 

Let me just say I should name this new series 'Food of the Week' ,because that is literally what my week consists of. Throughout the week, I had basketball everyday which means Chinese! If you have never tried White Sauce, you are missing out. My teacher always says,"You are always learning no matter where you may be". She's right! I learned how to hold chopsticks properly.

This may sound entirely crazy, but I suddenly received the motivation to get up and workout at 1:00 in the morning. My friend and I got out our yoga mats and went into the workout room. Weighted wall squats are a killer. In the end though, it definitely pays off. You can't complete a workout without detox water. I will be posting later my DIY recipe for detox water. 

It is kind of ironic how I am presenting both healthy and unhealthy food right now. Valentine's is nearing which means cute, decorated doughnuts. I have been craving a sprinkled doughnut for a long time. My friend and I went out to one of our local bakeries and lurchased these. I had already eaten the rainbow sprinkles doughnut before this photo. Yes, it was great!

Hope you all had a wonderful week! What did you all do?


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