Prep in Your Step Campaign

February 23, 2015

I am so honored to announce the release of Kiwi Circle's Prep in Your Step Campaign. In this campaign, they are releasing 12 new colors for their monogrammed wall pieces. I am absolutely in love with my monogram. I requested mine in the color white since my room is currently pink. Next year, I will most likely be painting it because I will be moving into my sister's room.

This monogram is 23" and looks perfect right above my dresser. Literally everytime I walk into my room, I can't help but stare at my new wall decoration. I have been envying the photos of monogrammed walls on Pinterest for forever. I was so excited to participate in this campaign. The fact that this monogram is only $15.99 blows my mind! This shop is super affordable and has great quality pieces. 
I hope you checkout Kiwi Circle as they have many other wall decorations for every person.


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