Snow Day Activities

February 21, 2015

If you did not get the notice, North Carolina has been in a lock down due to weather circumstances. Southerners do not take snow lightly. All of my classss were canceled this week! At first, of course, I had to do a little celebratory dance. But by day 2, I was running out of things to do. Here's a list of some fun snow day activities for those who enjoy the outside and inside:

1. If it's not obvious, play in the snow. I mean don't you want to build a snow man
2. Create a nice, Instagram-worthy cup of hot cocoa.
3. Sit down and release your inner crafter. Do those DIYs you have been dying to make.
4. Rearrange your room. You have extra time. Take advantage of it.
5. Catch up on The Bachelor (or any other show).
6. Make snow ice cream. Best thing you might ever taste!!!
7. Take artsy pictures in the snow. We are all guilty of loving the snow for this reason. 
8. Go through all the unnecessary junk in your phone. We are all guilty of keeping that one app you don't use but refrain from deleting. 
9. Since you can't in-store shop, online shop! 
10. Read the recent blog posts you have missed. 
11. Pin. Pin. Pin. If you are a Pinterest addict, you can proudly say you have been pinning away over these past snow days. 
12. Unsubscribe from all the junk newsletters you always delete before reading. 
13. Bake yourself a batch of chocolate chip cookies from scratch. 
14. Do the homework you did not do over the weekend. 
15. Make snow angels with your best friend. 
16. Build your own snow kingdom. 
17. Watch a re-run of your favorite movie. 
18. Workout. Search a workout routine on Pinterest or YouTube.
19. Paint your nails. 
20. Sleep for as long as you desire. 
21. Play a board game with your friends or family. 
22. Take a risk and go sledding. 
23. Go through your overflowing makeup collection and throw the expired products out. 
24. Organize the files and papers sitting on your desk.
25. Sew the ripped clothing piece you have been putting off.
26. Take your dog out for an adventure in the snow. 
27. Fix a full-out breakfast. You finally have the time to scramble the eggs, make the pancakes, and drizzle the icing on the cinnamon bun.
28. Message in a group chat. It's been hours since you have seen your best friends. Catch up on what they are doing!
29. Surround yourself with a fort of blankets.  It is most likely still cold in your house. Put on your fuzzy socks and cuddle in your blanket fortress.
30. Dance party. Throw the snow up in the air and dance like you just don't care. 

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