Insta-Lately (How I Edit my Photos)

March 30, 2015

Long time, no blog! I went on Spring Break early last week and traveled to the sunny state of Florida. Admittedly, I wish the weather was a little warmer and sunnier, but it was much better than the 36-degree weather North Carolina is experiencing now. Oh, where did Spring go?! The only thing convincing me to not lose the spring vibe at the moment has been my Instagram feed. Lately, my feed has been quite bright and colorful. A lot of my followers have noticed too. I have been asked a few times on how I edit my photos. I thought I would reveal most of my secrets today on the blog. 

I, primarily, like to adjust my photos with four main apps:
VSCO Cam: I am pretty sure this was a God-sent app. I, first, discovered this editing system through a couple of bloggers and Youtubers. I am an advent for watching 'What's on my Iphone?" videos on Youtube. A lot of people talked about this app and raved about how amazing it was. I, finally, downloaded it to my phone. To be honest, at first I was overwhelmed with all the buttons and filters. I did not use it for a long time. I cannot recall whose video I watched, but she showed step-by-step how she used this app. With this app, there are a ton of different filters you can purchase. I, personally, have stuck with the free filters. Before I put a filter on my photo, I brighten it up to my own desire, sharpen it, and saturate about 3 notches. I, then, choose a filter. To achieve the cool and bright effect, I tend to use filters A5, HB1, HB2, and SE3. All the filters and levels of adjusting are different with each photo. In this app, you can change the temperature, fade, saturate, play with the shadows and highlights, tint it, sharpen it, and more. I say just play around with all the different adjustments. 
A Beautiful Mess: In the App Store, this app does cost $0.99. It is well worth that dollar. At first, I just used this app for the amazing fonts it had. It has the cutest doodles and borders. This app was actually created by the bloggers behind A Beautiful Mess. I just started using the filters, and this has been the main app I have used recently. If you have had questions about how I get my pictures so bright and vibrant, it is mainly this app right here. I cannot tell you enough how this app has changed my Instagram feed. If you want to liven up your feed, I would recommend investing in this app. The main filters I use are Louise, Farrah, Gus, and Beatrix. If you have a faded theme, this app also has really great filters for that.
PhotoShop Express: While I do own Photoshop on my computer, the app is much more convenient for editing photos on your phone. I really only use one filter on this one. I love the 'Spring" filter because it does instantly turn your photo into that bright, spring look. If you are taking a photo on a rainy or foggy day, I highly recommend using this app. It cleans up the photo very well and does not look harshly edited. After I use the filter, I usually do not have to brighten it but sometimes I do. I like to heighten the vibrancy and cool down the temperature. Here is an example of when I used this app:

AfterLight: This app is also $0.99 in the App Store. I use to use this application a lot before I discovered the others. Now, it does not get as much love. It is a really great editing system though. I have not really ventured out to using the filters, because there are so many I would not know where to start. If you use this app, I would love to know your favorite filters. I, mainly, use Afterlight to clarify and brighten my photos. This, also, gives my photo a cleaner and more defined look. When clarifying your photo, it looks more HD. I do not use the frames for my fashion Instagram account but use them a lot on my personal account. You can crop your photo to any shape and adjust the transparency.

I hope this really helped you all out if you wanted to transform your Instagram feed. I would love to know any of your photo editing app favorites and filters! 


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