Organizing with Lists

March 19, 2015

I have always been the person to have a thousand things that are unchecked on my to-do list. The things to do keep on piling on which makes one's stress level skyrocket. Lately, I have been categorizing my lists which has made it much easier for me. I find myself checking off more things on my checklist and getting things done. Even though lists are created to help you organize, having an extensive list can prevent you from it. Here are a few lists that I create on an everyday basis:

 1. Plan out your day list: This is one of my favorite lists to make. I, usually, plan the night before or in the mornings. This just makes it easier for me to manage my time and know what exactly I need to do.
2. Priority List: On my notebook, it has a section for the top 3 things I need to do. This is such a great checklist to have, so you make it a priority to do these things.
3: Shopping List: I, always, forget what I need at the store. I use the app, Evernote, to create my list. Having this on my phone is so helpful, because I will most likely not forget my phone while shopping.
4: Reminder: I forget a lot of things. If you know me, you know occasional I forgot where I set something down in less than 5 minutes. As soon as I come up with an idea or need to remember to do something, I write it down on my phone, a spare sheet of paper, or a notepad.
5.  Goal Digger List: I am sure most of us made a New Year's Resolution's list. We shouldn't just make a list of goals that one time of the year. I am a goal digger, so I am always striving to meet my goals. This list inspires me everyday to reach my goals.



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