May Rocksbox

May 11, 2015

As a little girl, accessorizing was always one of my favorite things. The hardest decision was deciding one which boa I should wear with my ever-so poofy princess dress.  I find the same problem occurring now. Although I do love my simple and elegant statement pieces, it never hurts to try something new. I think Rocksbox was literally made for me. I can try something new, wear it a few times, and then send the pieces back in exchange for a new set. 
This month, I had gotten the hang on wish listing items that caught my eye! For example, I saw this Kendra Scott Rayne necklace and knew that in stores I would probably not purchase it but would love to try it out! I can't wait to style it with a floral piece that will really make it pop (whoops spoiler alert). Rocksbox has really led me to expand on the jewelry I wear. I love this statement bracelet with the beautiful colors that aren't too bright but is still making me step out of my box.  The last piece  I received were the gorgeous studs that would add the perfect touch to an evening look. Mostly, I wear pearls or studs, but I can never object to going beyond my usual routine. 

I was astonished as to how well my stylist new my style through the small quiz I took. I feel every month only gets better. Lucky for you, you can receive a FREE month of Rocksbox with my code 'seersuckerstateofmindxoxo' . I am truly impressed with how fast they send you your next montly package once you mail (at any desired time) your last one back. Thanks to my stylist, I received a few wish listed items. Don't forget to wishlist any of your favorite pieces for a chance to see them arrive on your front step.


* Rocksbox was kind enough to offer me partnership with them in return of sharing their brand with you. All opinions are completely my own and nothing less. Thanks to Rocksbox they have offered the code for me to share with my followers. 


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