A Change of Style

June 9, 2015

When I started this blog, my style was just 'preppy'. That was all I defined my style as, and I limited myself to only wear what I thought was preppy, classy, and conservative. I got caught up into the brand names and how "upscale" I looked. Not that brand names are bad but don't just buy them because they are brand names. Throughout these months of blogging and reading other blogs, I realized that I don't only have to define myself as one thing. Style is style. I don't have to set my boundaries (well, unless it's skanky, but you get the point).
 Therefore, I have chosen to buy that shirt that isn't 'preppy' but is really cute. I have chosen to wear those long earrings instead of pearls. I have branched off to different styles. The fun thing about fashion blogging is that with every new thing you try you can give advice to your readers. My advice is to not constrict yourself, because others around you wear a certain style. Be who you are. Clothes are made so you can express yourself, not to express someone else.

( sorry, these photos are mostly candid)


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