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June 15, 2015

Last night, I asked you all on my Instagram to shoot me some questions for a Q&A. I love reading these kind of posts. I feel like you get to know the blogger even better. I will try to do a few more of these throughout the year.

What is my go-to outfit for the summer?

Honestly, I do not do much outside the house besides shopping and maybe some beach trips. My go-to outfit is usually norts with a oversize t-shirt and my Palm Beach Sandals.

What is the best advice you could give to a new blogger? 

My best advice is very cliche but nevertheless true. Be yourself. Do not try be someone else. Readers want to know the true you, and that is what captivates them. If you are a quirky cheeseball like myself, then show that in your posts! 

Who is my fashion role model?

Hands down Kate Middleton. Every outfit she wears is just perfect! Even after her birth of Princess Charlotte, she looked fabulous.

What tips do you recommend for growing your blog?

My number one tip is getting your name out their by socializing. It is very important to support other bloggers. If you start showing interactions with other bloggers, they might do the same. You can even make a relationship through blogging which can lead to collaborations.  Also, be active with your followers. Show them that you appreciate their support. If on Instagram you see they are always liking and commenting on your photos, return the favor. If someone comments on your blog post, reply! I find it very frustrating when bloggers do not reply to their supporters. If people see that you really care about what you do, they will want to read your posts. Another tip! Join some blogger networks and groups. I have made some amazing friends and relationships from there. Overall, relationships are key for your blog.

Where do you go to buy preppy clothes for better prices than name brands?

Lately, I have been finding a lot of amazing clothing at Old Navy. I use to hate going to Old Navy, place with the ugly concrete floors, when I was a kid. I, recently, started shopping there, and you can find some of the cutest clothing and accessories there. That's where I got these pants

Favorite dessert?

Oh, goodness. How can one choose? Between frozen yogurt, birthday cake ice cream, and peach cobbler there really can't be a winner.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

In five years, I will be 20. I see myself being a full time student in earning my Masters in interior design. I will be interning at a local business and saving up for my future debt. I do see myself still blogging for A Seersucker State of Mind. I hope to see it very successful.

Favorite brand?

Again, how can I choose a favorite? I am such an indecisive person, so these questions boggle my mind. I love Lilly Pulitzer, but I only have a few clothes from there. I really can't choose, because I do like shopping at a lot of boutiques. I love supporting my local boutiques. They have the cutest clothes!

Favorite Closet Staple?

I would say my favorite closet staple would be a white t-shirt. Yep, just a white t-shirt. I mean think about all the ways you can style it - with distressed jeans, a skater skirt, over a romper, over a dress, under a blazer, ect. You can go from casual to business in one t-shirt.

Any blogs you recommend us to read?

There are plenty more bloggers I love, but I don't think I can fill this whole blog post up with all of them. 

Mac or Windows?

I love my Mac! It's amazing for editing.

Favorite preppy and non-preppy store?

My favorite preppy store would be Lilly Pulitzer. Again, I do not have a lot but who cannot fall in love with that beautiful, pink place called Lilly. My favorite non-preppy place to shop would be Anthropologie.

Any advice for new bloggers?

As I said before, make relationships and support other bloggers. In this industry, quality is over quantity. While you should be consistent in your posts, you should make sure they are not just sporadically put together, because you have not posted in a while. Make your goals realistic. If you can only post once a week, then do that.

Tips for having a successful blog?

I, myself, do not think I have had an amazing success with my blog, but I do think I can make it successful with improvements. To have a successful blog, you want to always keep working on improvement. Blogging is a job. It is not easy. Make sure your heart is really into this. As I said, you want to make relationships with other bloggers, companies, and your followers.

What are your favorite posts to make on your blog?

I love posting outfit styling posts! It is so fun to put  a new outfit together and take hundreds of photos. Although editing may take a while, I always love seeing my follower's sweet comments.

That is all the questions I will answer today. Thank you so much for all your support.


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