Casual Summer Daze

June 24, 2015

I know we all imagine summer with the image of endless summer parties and hangouts with friends. We imagine strolls on the pier in the cutest outfits. While that happens, that is not always the reality for every summer day. For me, my reality is sitting at home binge-watching Flip or Flop on HGTV. Who's with me? On weekends, it's a different story, but most days I do not get all dressed up ( I don't think a summer dress would work well with my babysitting job). T-shirts and yoga leggings have been my go-to. They have always been my go-to really.
Recently, I have been exercising and eating healthier. Yoga has always been one of my favorite ways to keep active. Because of the increasing temperature here, I love to run and do yoga in the mornings. Morning yoga is the best with a furry friend! The tee I'm sporting today is from Beach Simple Clothing Co. I am not currently at the beach, but their tees sure make me feel like I am.

Hats off to Peanut for cooperating with me!


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