Overcoming Self-Doubt

June 13, 2015


One of my best friends recently just moved onto another chapter of her life. She and her family moved all the way across country. She had told me numerous times that she doesn't want to do this. She doesn't want to start over after she's found such a wonderful crowd. She was afraid of the newness. New things terrify people. They terrify me! 
When you are handed a set of car keys for the first time, questions are rushing through your head. What if I am not capable of doing this? What if I mess up? Doubt in yourself has over flooded your mind. You are afraid of trying to do something new because of fear of failure.
Let me let you on in a little secret: life is full of failures. Success isn't success without trial and error. For example, you aren't successful on your first time riding your bike. I mean it's your first time! The fear of failing is success's worst enemy. It's the an obstacle that we are tempted to let defeat us! It's a normal circumstance. Everyone has the thoughts that "They can't do this".
The thing is YOU can do this! You are the one getting in the way of accomplishing this! Don't let self-doubt overwhelm you! You are wonderful and are capable of doing great things if you allow yourself too. Don't be afraid of the "what ifs". Obstacles are going to get in your way. But you know what you got to do. Kick them down! Tear down that blockage and do everything in your power to gain success! 
As the clock reads 12:14 A.M, I am lying on the floor really writing this message to myself. I am horrible when it comes to self-doubt. I am the kind of person who thinks about every outcome, every situation that might occur, and every thing that might knock me down. If you are reading this, I encourage you and myself to overcome the fear of failure and turn that fear into your confidence that you will succeed no matter what it takes. 

Yes, this post was a total spontaneous and random thought I had at 12 in the morning. I hope my night owl thoughts inspired you.



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