Summer Must-Have Apps

June 15, 2015

With a sigh of relief, I can finally announce that my summer has officially begun. As I take advantage of my laid back mornings, I scroll through all my social media continuously. I would say it's safe to say that your phone keeps you entertained in the summer or on a regular basis.  I have conjugated a few of my favorite apps. Let me know which one is your favorite.

 1. Instagram
 - I think we all saw this one coming.  Even when I am not able to see my friends as often, I can still keep up with wherever there are. I am a huge fan of Insta. Honestly, all I do is scroll down, like each photo, refresh, and start the process all over again. I'm a little bit obsessed. I, especially, love following other bloggers. People share so many cool adventures, tips, and outfits  that it's hard to even click out of this app.

 2. Pinterest - This is a huge given. This app gives me many inspirations on outfits, home d├ęcor, DIYs, and fun foods to make. Not only, does this keep my craftiness up to par, but it also gives me so many neat ideas.

 3. Lilly Pulitzer -  This may just be my newest favorite shopping app. We'll, actually, it is. Lilly Pulitzer finally gave us what we all have been asking for, AN APP!  Like Lilly itself, it is so bright and colorful. You wouldn't expect less from then, would you?  Thanks Lilly, for helping me break the bank.

 4.  Dripthat- This is a relatively new app that allows you to share  group photos and videos. Unlike Instagram, you can share multiple photos at one time. I just started using it and know that this app is going to be great for capturing every moment of my summer vacation. Your drips (photos) can be shared at a whatever tempo you select. You can make it so you deliver all the photos in one minute or even a course of a couple of days. I can't wait to start sharing more drips. Make sure to follow me!

 5.  Fitbit - We all have that mental state of just wanting to lay around and do nothing in summer. Fitbit motivates me to at least get up and move. It tracks all your steps and calories lost for that day. If you carry your phone everywhere like I do, this app will definitely come to your advantage.

 6. Houzz - If you are really into interior design like me. You will love this app! It is like Pinterest feed filled with beautiful homes and decor. This is really awesome if you need inspiration for your beach home or just want to make your house more summer-esque.

 7. Bloglovin' - I get on this app a ton throughout the day. This app allows me to read all my favorite blogs in one place! This is totally convenient to the person who does not want a thousand blogs bookmarked on their desktop.

 I would love to know what app is your favorite? I am always looking for new apps to download [ I am pretty sure I have over used the word "app" significantly in this post ].

This information is on behalf of dripthat.

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