Dressing Up with a Kimono

July 31, 2015

Let me first start off by applauding myself for these punny post titles lately. I am that kind of person who will laugh hysterically at her own jokes. Okay, I am distracting myself from what this post is really about. I wore a dress! This is the second time I have posted about myself wearing a dress. I don't usually like wearing dresses, but I felt like dressing up today. One of my favorite ways to dress up an outfit is to add a kimono. Call me kimono obsessed! I know.
Kimonos are definitely a staple piece for me. Thank you to whoever who started wearing them and making them extra stylish. Because they are so light, kimonos are perfect for wearing out this summer. I have pretty long hair (believe or not I cut five inches of it a few months ago). One of my favorite things to do to keep my hair out of my face is braiding it. Today, I just did a Dutch side braid along my head. A Dutch braid is an inverted regular braid if you did not know. This is one of my favorite summer styles and is so easy and quick.

Let's just talk about this last post. This is what happens when you want to do something cute but have no idea what to do with your hands.

Thank you so much for reading! I really did enjoy dressing up for y'all!


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