Favorite Abstract Artists

July 17, 2015

If you follow me on Instagram (self-promo: follow me), you know that I have been looking for d├ęcor and art for my new room. Pinterest has been extra helpful this week for I have taken a lot of room inspiration from their. As I have been browsing through all the pins, I noticed that a lot of the rooms had a cool, abstract painting in them. I tried to DIY an abstract canvas, and it really didn't look that well (probably because I did not have a lot of paint [yeah, that's the reason]). I follow a few artists on Instagram who I see all over people's walls or Pinterest boards. I, honestly, cannot choose my favorite art piece. All the colors seamlessly melt together.
I found a video the other day showing how an artists does abstract, and it was so beautiful. I applaud all those who take the time to think about how this color will blend with this color and then how the whole canvas will all around look. These are a few picks of my favorite artists. Let me know which one(s) is your favorite.

Megan Carn - This giraffe print is not actually abstract, but it reminds me of it with the beautiful colors. I follow her on Instagram and am always amazed with her adorable pieces.
Favorites from Megan Carn
Emily Rickard - Take a look at this woman's etsy shop. You will fall head over heels over all her art pieces. I already know that in the future I will be purchasing one of her prints.
Favorites from Emily Rickard
Susan Skelley - I just discovered Susan's shop this week. Everything in her shop is so colorful and effortless beautiful. I cannot find the specific print that I pictured sadly.
Favorites from Susan Skelley
Shelby Revis - Shelby juggles blogging and her art career which I applaud her for. She runs Lucky Day blog and makes the most gorgeous, girly pieces.
Favorites from Shelby Revis
Thank you so much for reading! I will definitely do a room tour after I decorate my room. Who are your favorite abstract artists?


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