Travel Tips: Packing for Camp

July 15, 2015

I am headed off to camp next week and that unfortunately calls for the dreaded packing. Wait, Mikayla! You will be gone for a whole 5 days?! How about your blog posts? To answer that question, I do have some amazing bloggers that will be posting for you all next week, and I have schedule a post of my own. Now, that that is all cleared up, let's jump right into some camp essentials.
I am going to a sleep away camp in the mountains so bringing my Lilly Pulitzer or high-end clothes won't be the situation here. At camp, it rains a lot and is quite muddy, so I don't really want to bring my best clothing.

1. T-shirts - Blouses or no. T-shirts are a must. I feel like this essential is self-explanatory. We do a lot of hiking and walking so nice oversized cotton t-shirts are great for this trip.

2. Baseball Cap - The great outdoors is a great place to smell the fresh air and get a scalp sunburn. Those sunburns hurt! Hats are amazing to shield your head from the harsh UV lights that will be shining your way all day.

3. Pullover - At nights, the mountains get a bit breezy. I like to bring a light pullover or jacket for the evenings when we have a bonfire or late night activities.

4. Athletic Shorts - Again, this is pretty  much self-explanatory. You don't want to be wearing your tightest skinny jeans when hiking to the waterfalls. At my camp, we participate in a lot of games so getting dirty in these won't really be a big deal.

5. Running Shoes - Hiking, Walking. Hiking. Walking. That is pretty much all you do. Through a dozen flight of stairs, running shoes will really be helpful. I don't suggest you bring your newest pair or a bright white pair. Also, I know Nike Roshes are fashionable and cute, but they don't really do your feet justice when running.

6. Sunglasses - As gross as it is, your eyes can get sunburnt too. Protect your eyes with some cheap sunglasses. Do not bring your designer sunglasses! I, always, tend to either lose or break my sunglasses.

7. Umbrella - Does it ever stop raining in the mountains? I, always, forget to bring an umbrella for camp and seriously regret it when I am running through the rain at night trying to find my cabin.

8. Cropped Leggings or Sweats - As I said, it can get a bit cooler in the evenings, so I like to wear something that will cover me up but won't be too heavy.

9. Backpack - When I go hiking to the waterfalls, I don't want to be carrying stuff in my hand. To help with that. just bring a small backpack that is preferably water resistant.

10. Water bottle - I just started bringing a water bottle last year and literally it was one of the best things I did. At camp, you are constantly walking back and forth or participating in some sort of game. I highly suggest you keep yourself hydrated even if you don't think you are thirsty.

11. Tumbler - I, also, included a tumbler in this essential. I like to have a tumbler by my bed side or when I go to the meals.

12. Shower Shoes - The worst thing to forget besides all your toiletries is shower shoes. This is a must and not forget kind of item.

Earlier, I said that t-shirts were definitely essential. I, personally, prefer oversized and soft t-shirts. I wanted to specifically recommend you a brand. Dixieland Collection sent me over the cutest little southern t-shirt. I ordered a medium to make it a little bigger on me. When I received it, I tried it on and wanted to never take it off. I am not even exaggerating when I say that this t-shirt is one of the softest and comfiest things ever. I was expecting the fabric to be like a regular t-shirt, but it is a lot softer. It is almost as soft as a Vineyard Vines shirt. Now, that is soft! I am definitely bringing this tee with me to camp!


FTC: Dixieland Collection was kind enough to send me one of their t-shirts. In no way shape of form am I getting paid to give a great review for them. All opinions and statements are my own.



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