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July 22, 2015

I wanted to do a different post for today. When I tell people that I am a blogger, most do not fully understand. Most think "Oh, you are just doing that for money" or ' A blog is just this big diary for other people to see. It's so easy". Now, that I have been blogging for almost a year, I laugh at that last statement. If there were any word to describe blogging, it would not be 'easy'. I asked a few of my blogger friends to share about why they blog. Hope you enjoy this post!

First and foremost I blog because I love it. I've always enjoyed writing so my blog is a great personal outlet for me to talk about the things I love talking about and connect with likeminded people. 
As a fitness blogger, I blog because I want to inspire others to change their life with exercise and healthier eating habits, even if just changing one tiny, small thing. 
I started blogging 100% for me - to expand my creativity, to keep myself productive, and to improve my writing. But over the past few months, my perspective on blogging has totally changed. Yes, I still enjoy the personal benefits of blogging, but now I blog because I love being part of an amazing community of people who are continuously searching to better themselves. It's so inspiring!
My name is Alexa and I blog at The Mindful Maritimer. To answer you question of why I blog:
I went through a really tough time in my own life, health wise, and found myself in a three year battle with orthorexia. A year ago I made the decision to buy a one way ticket to Paris and from that experience I was able to recover from my disorder and also found a passion for health. I enrolled to in nutrition school and found a love for helping others. I realized that I wanted to share what I found helped me with others that are going through what I went through and through my blog I am able to do so. 
Thanks so much!

I started blogging when I was I was beginning high school and it was a way for me to express my self through writing. I always loved to look at fashion magazines and blog. Blogging has opened so many doors for my writing career and I couldn't imagine myself with out it!

Katie from Sugar Spice and Sparkle

I love blogging because of the friendships I've gained.  I originally started blogging as a way to share what I love but it has turned into so much more!  I have met so many amazing girls and women through the blogging community with similar interests and it has been such a blessing.  I hope to keep making more blogger friends and encouraging others to start a blog of their own!

Megan from Bowtifull Life

If I had to put it in a nutshell, I blog to express, connect, and inspire. I initially started blogging as a personal creative outlet, not a project I planned on sharing with anyone. Slowly, I started to share my blog with people as I realized that it was actually interesting and relatable to others! I also blog to connect. I love meeting new people and companies through blogging as well as discovering new accounts and bloggers on social media sites like Instagram. There's something or someone new wherever you look! I also blog to inspire. I do my best to spread positivity and encourage my readers/followers to be themselves and find a silver lining in any situation. But, more than anything, I blog because I love it!

Emily from My Healthyish Life

I blog for the community and creative outlet. I’ve connected with countless individuals who are supportive, intelligent, funny and caring. Also, as cliche as it sounds, blogging has led to personal discovery and growth. 

Kayla from Healthy Helper Blog

I blog for community. For connection. For an outlet to express myself and encourage others. I blog because writing is my passion and I learn more about myself with every word I type. I blog to share my struggles and triumphs. To lift others up and help them walk their own path. I blog because it makes me feel alive. 
I started Best Trends For Life in August 2014 as an outlet for me to continue with my passion for fashion and photography as I pursue my dream of becoming a dentist. I use fashion as a way to express myself and to tell the complicated story that is my personal style. Blogging allows me to share my story and hopefully inspire other women to channel their inner fashionista!

Now, why do I write my blog?

I write solely for the purpose of inspiring others. Whether it is fashion inspiration, design inspiration, or life inspiration, I want to inspire others to step out of their box and learn something. I, honestly, have never dreamed that I would have a blog and have actual people reading the words I type in the middle of the night. I have always played with the thought of starting a blog but never put that into play until last September. Blogging should not be about making money or gaining a huge audience. While those things are great and is apart of my blogging, that should not be the blogger's purpose. Honestly, my blog has turned into something more than just a hobby. It has turned into something I am really in love with. I want to thank all of YOU who motivate me and inspire me. I am so happy that I started A Seersucker State of Mind.

Thank you for reading! I hope everyone has an amazing day.


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