Back to School in Stripes

August 10, 2015

Let me tell you something. I love stripes! I love them! I wear stripes so many times throughout the week that people probably think I am a little strange. Why not carry that love of stripes over to your school style? I feel that stripes tank tops or shirts are so easy to just throw on and run out the door with. You can easily dress stripes up with jewelry or in this case tie a flannel or denim oxford over it. If you are one of those people who waits until the very last minute to get ready in the morning, swipes on some makeup, grabs a granola bar, and throws on a hoody, this outfit is definitely for you. I feel like I sound like I am in an infomercial.
My favorite and comfiest shoes to wear are my Nike running shoes and Converse. Let's face it. Our Jack Rogers aren't the best walking shoes. These white Converse are the perfect canvas for my outfit. Because they are neutral, I can basically pair them with anything. Let's talk about these braids I have going on here. I know I look like a four year old, but for some reason I have been wearing this style nonstop. Four year old me is back in motion. Braided pigtails or braided anything look so put together even though it only took under a minute to do them.
This outfit is school appropriate and would be great for you college kids reading. I have already noticed some people are heading off to school and really want to do some back to school posts. I love searching up back to school YouTube videos. Even though I won't really need to use them this year since I will be online schooling. I just love them for some reason! What kind of back to school posts do you like and want to see?

My "Come on Ashley (sister/photographer) we have to hurry before it rains!" pose.

Happy Monday and hope everyone has a great back to school season!



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