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August 19, 2015

Society 6If you follow me on any social media, you might know that I have moved into my sister's old room since she is going off to college this month. I have been designing this room ever since I learned that I would be getting her room. I really want to go for an all white theme with pops of color in the decorations. One of my favorite ways to add color to a room are decorative pillows. As I have been searching all over google and Pinterest for cute decorative pillows, I came across this site, Society 6. I clicked onto their site and let me say this: I could not click out. Everything on there was items that I have pinned on Pinterest before and searched but never found.
I was so excited that I finally found really cute yet affordable throw pillows. I have told you before that Emily Rickard is one of my favorite artists. I found her collection and am so stoked that she collaborated with them. I decided to write up a post for y'all and choose some of my favorites to show you. As you can see, choosing some was really hard, so I chose a lot.
When searching for throw pillows, I found really adorable ones but for way expensive. I am sorry, but I am not paying over $50 for one pillow. Society Social's pillows are very affordable compared to all the other ones I have found. The only problem I have is... which few should I choose?!

Society 6 by aseersuckerstateofmind featuring animal throw pillows

I, also, discovered Society Social! These pillows are also inexpensive and a piece of artwork in themselves. Again, I was super excited when I found this website. I discovered so many of the pieces I have pinned on Pinterest from there. I just overwhelmed you with gorgeous pillows. How could I not help you!? I contacted Society Social before I posted this and asked for a discount code. They were generous enough to give us a code for 10% off.

Society social


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