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August 6, 2015

Desk InspoHello, everyone! It's almost Friday! Let's all just take a breather and remind ourselves there is only one more day until the weekend! To lift your spirits, I decided to write up a new design post. One of my favorite rooms of a house is the office or office area. I love desk accessories and all wall decorations. I am an avid pinner on my desk inspiration board. I just love having a clean and pretty area to your work in. It makes it a little more fun to have cute accessories while you are working.
I have designed today a little collection of what I am aiming my future desk to look like. I, hopefully, will be picking up similar items to these to make my dream desk a reality. Since I will be online schooling, I will be spending a lot of my time at my desk. I really just want it to be an area I enjoy being at and of course looking at.

Above a desk, I love wall art and photo galleries. I have, specifically, been looking at an abstract canvas for above my desk. I love the look of abstract. If you read about my favorite abstract artists, you know how gorgeous the pieces can be. A clean white desk is something I can decorate really easily. It's the perfect blank canvas especially if you want to bring in a lot of color and patters. I have been browsing through a ton of different desk chairs. Ghost chairs, fur chairs, and patterned stools have all been on my wish list. I think I might settle for a cute pair of square stools with a fun pattern. If you know me in person, you know have a slight (well, maybe huge) obsession with pineapples. If you give me a golden pineapple, I will be satisfied. For desk accessories, I really love gold accents. Gold is one of my favorite metals to mix into an area. I love adding different sizes of jars and vases for geometric value. Speaking of geometric value, a cool light fixture will really add a nice touch.


Desk Inspo by
  featuring shag rugs

Thank you for reading and drooling over these desk accessories with me! I am obsessed with every piece here. I would love to know any of your favorite things to put on your desk or stores you really like to shop at for these pieces?!


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