Embroidered Top + White Jeans

August 5, 2015

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! I had the opportunity to visit Carowinds Amusement Park on Sunday for a photo shoot and it was sure hectic yet fun. I mean who can say they rode rollercoasters as a job!? Honestly, I only rode one coaster, because I was to freaked out by that one. I rode the Fury 325. If anyone has seen that rollercoaster or been on it, you know how horrifying it is. In that 3 minute range of being on that rollercoaster, you can bet your bottom dollar that I screamed my heart out. The track alone was 6,601 feet, but my screams went on longer. If you love rollercoasters and feeling like you are flying, then you will probably like that one.
Okay, this post is not about my everlasting fear of rollercoasters! I styled this adorable navy embroidered top today. I feel like my only adjectives I use are adorable, cute, and so cute! I really should expand my vocabulary. I love embroidery. That little detail on a blouse can make all the difference. That is why I was super excited when this blouse caught my eye in the everlasting rack of clothes in Forever 21. I am a high school student who babysits and does a few modeling jobs on the side. I do not have the biggest digits in my bank account. That is why Forever 21 has been my main shopping source this summer. While I love some of the new collections of higher end clothing, I just can not afford that with my own debit card at the moment. Plus, if I buy one piece then I just want to start buying more.
This blouse is so easy to style. On night outs or weekends, I just throw this on with white pants and somehow look pretty put together. I really hope you all are having a great week! Back to school posts will be coming soon. I am so excited for this new school year, because I will actually be online homeschooling. That will definitely help me with blogging, so I hope to be posting more.

Thank you for reading.Do you love the look of embroidery?



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