Home Decor: Side Tables

August 24, 2015

Side TableA décor item that I really haven't touched based on has been side tables. I could just blab on and on about this décor piece, but I think it is pretty much self explainable. I love decorating a room and spaces. That's why side tables are so nice to add into space as a décor piece. While they are also great for storage, they also add height  and shape into the room. I picked out a few really cool tables that are shown below. I found so many different shapes, heights, and textures. If you have a smaller room, I like to add something tall to give your room a bit a lift. We have so many horizontal pieces in a room like a bed and/or couch. Adding the vertical piece will give your room a facelift.

As I said, I love decorating. Coffee table books, flowers, succulents, and different shaped vases are a few of many things you can set on one of these tables. I tried to add different tables to this collection, because I know not everyone has the same taste. Can we just talk about this marble side table though? I can hear the angels sing when I look at this one. I have been loving marble lately and have seen so many designers come out with pieces incorporating marble.

Thank you for reading! Which side table do you like the best?

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