Let's Get Organized With Agendas

August 10, 2015

AgendaOrganization is so so so important to me! I hate being disorganized and in a frenzy, because everything is chaotic. One thing that has changed my life for the better has been agendas. I was never the person to really write in a calendar or agenda until last year when I tried out a different planner. This past year I have used the Lilly Pulitzer planner in the size large. Two words. Life changing. Dare I say that this has probably been my year of organization. I was so excited when I received this Heaven sent planner in the mail. One: the color and print were amazing! Two: It had a space for notes, events, a full month calendar, and weekly calendar.
I looked up so many ways to organize with a planner and make it even prettier than it already was.

Color Code - Fun fact: color has been proven to interact with your brain more therefore catching your attention better than a non-colorful space. That means that you will be more likely to look and remember the things you write in color. I like to use different colored pens for different school subject and different occasions. For example, I use a gold sharpie pen for all things blog related while I use a pink pen for outings and events. I find this super helpful. If you aren't the person to take your time to do that, you can use different sticky notepads or even just highlight.

Prioritize - Imagine me right now clapping my hands stressing how important prioritizing is. That is how important it is. We, often, get piled with things to do on our list and tend to forget a few. If you have my luck, you forget the important things. If you don't already have a small section for your "To-Do List", divide your writing section into two and label one "Top 3". Having a top 3 things to do list will help you immensely. I find this so useful to complete my most important tasks.

Have a Determined Mindset - When you write something in your planner, have the mindset that you will get it done. Whatever you write in your planner will get done. Be determined that you will check off that thing on your To-Do List,

Bring Your Agenda Everywhere - I never really realized how important this was until earlier this year. I never understood while people did this. Like why would you need to bring it out? I started carrying my agenda in my purse and realized that I started writing a lot of things down. I jotted down tasks to do, reminders, and newly scheduled events. It is important to bring your agenda, so when you come across the situation where an events comes up or you come up with an idea, you can pull your agenda out and jot it down.


Hey! What better way to get motivated to organize then to have some cute accessories!? Here are some of my favorites (If you can't tell, I really love Ban.do and Kate Spade).

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