Preppy or Boho Style: Dorm Edition

August 31, 2015

Preppy vs boho dorm style Three words: back to school. It is that time of the year again. I looked through my analytics and saw that a majority of my readers are college-aged. I, personally, am not a college student. My oldest siblings actually are rising college freshman. That means dorm decorating! I was so excited that I could help my sister design and plan out her room. She, actually, moves in next week! I have been scrolling through numerous Instagram and Pinterest feeds looking for inspiration for my sister's dorm. I found that there mainly was two different styles that a lot of people leaned toward: preppy and boho.
I really love both styles and can't decide which one is my favorite. I have collected a few pieces that will bring your dorm bed together.

Starting with the more "preppy', southern style dorm bed, I think a cute, patterned headboard would add lots of needed color and dimension in your room. The one I actually showed today is a queen sized headboard. Usually in a dorm room, the bed is a twin. You can't find a lot of cute twin headboards on the market today for a good price. I recommend DIYing your own  headboard. You can find how to DIY one here or here. On the bed, itself, I really like white sheets and bedding, so you can add lots of color and patterns without it being too busy with a printed bed set. If you do want a printed  bed set, this Lilly Pulitzer set would be perfect!
Pile on the pillows! You will most likely be spending a lot of your study time in your bed or outside your dorm. Why not make your bed super soft and comfy with loads of pillows? A southern girl cannot leave home without a monogram. Monogram pillows, Lilly Pulitzer printed pillows, and other colorful and fun pillows are always fun to make your bed feel more like home.
Again with the monograms, a wooden monogram above your bed will really fill up space and make your dorm feel more home-y. A monogrammed wall decal would be a more budget friendly option. Who doesn't love a gorgeous gallery wall?! Right beside your bed, you can display pretty wall art, prints, or pictures of your loved one. For prints, I recommend Evelyn Henson's. Her animal series is too cute! She, also, has come out with a bunch of new cities for her map collection. Your city's print would be a great reminder of your home. I, actually contacted Evelyn and asked her for a discount code for you all since I know a lot of you are in college, and we can all save a little bit of money. She was kind of enough to give you all a 15% off discount code:

Use the code brightlydecorateddorm15 for 15% off.
Code valid from 8/31 through 9/6.
I have accumulated a few of my favorite prints from her.

Moving on to the boho, free-spirited dorm bed, a tribal tapestry would look lovely draped above or beside your bed. The tapestry could take the place of a gallery wall. It would be easier to pin up and take down for the end of the year. While I love a beautiful gallery wall, the picture frames and art can add up. A tapestry would be a great budget friendly option. Light fixtures can drastically change a room. Unfortunately, you don't really have room to bring in a huge 4ft. lamp. Fairy lights are a great decorative piece that will bring some light to your room. Hanging them above your bed or draped on your tapestry would look really great and bring a peaceful vibe to the place.
It depends on if your dorm allows you to hang things on the ceiling, but if they do, a canopy would look darling above your bed with draped fairy lights. For the bed itself, again, I like a white, blank canvas as the bedding. If you do really wanted colorful bedding, I love this one and this one. Again, who doesn't love pillows?! Different sized and texture pillows would really bring in the home-y vibe. A comfy throw pillow would be great just to throw over your bed. The pom poms on this one are adorable. In place of an ottoman, you could add a fun knit pouf. Again, if your bed is lofted you can easily store it under there when there is no need or company over. You could, also, put it under you desk.
Thank you so much for reading. Hope you enjoyed! What style room fits your style best? Boho or preppy?


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