Rustic in Peasant Tops

August 14, 2015

Countdown to fall officially begins. Soon  the leaves will be turning colors, the drinks will all be pumpkin flavored, and your candles will be scented with caramel and vanilla scents. While I love pumpkin flavored drinks, the fall fashion has to be my favorite. Layering sweaters, polos, vests, and scarves makes it all the better. Summer is nice, but I am not a fan of over 100 degrees of humidity (If you are from the south, you know what I mean). It's not exactly fall yet, but I have seen the clothing collections and am in love.
Today, I am wearing this embroidered peasant top that I just picked up from guess where? Forever 21. Unfortunately, I cannot find the exact one online, so I will just be linking some similar. Embroidery, again, adds the perfect touch to any top. I am so glad I can transition this top from summer into fall. I just can't let go of my embroidered pieces! I really wish I had some booties for this outfit, but I only have these combat boots right now. They don't look too shabby. I am looking into Tom's booties right now but just can't decide. I am leaning towards a more taupe shade.
Okay, anyways, I really love this outfit and can't wait to rock my fall styles. I am so excited about the autumn trends this year. Olive colors, booties, and fringe are coming back this season!


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