Ankle Booties

September 2, 2015

Ankle BootiesLast year, if you pulled some ankle booties in front of me, I would've turned them away. I did not understand the craze of ankle boots. As my style transformed over this year, and I was scrolling through numerous fashion bloggers' blogs, I began to grow my interest in ankle boots. I love styling them with swing dresses, distressed jeans, normal jeans, and if you are daring, skirts.
There was one problem though. I am a student who makes her money off of babysitting jobs and small gigs. My bank account cannot afford to pay for a pair of Sam Edelman booties. That is why I have collected a few pairs of my favorite boots under $100. For those who are seeking to make a big investment, I have included some higher ended prices, as well.

SHOP $100 and UP


That was a load of booties I just showed that range from as low as $36 to $235. Hopefully in this post, you found some booties that fit your style and budget. I would love to know which ones you have your eye on?  

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