DIY: Glitter Coaster

September 7, 2015

Hello! How is everyone? Hope you had a great weekend! Today, I am coming at you with a 'Do It Yourself' project. I think I have done one of these in the past and of course it incorporated gold glitter. I love gold accessories. I really have been loving gold desk accessories lately. Gold staplers, push pins, tape dispensers, ect. The thing is though that they can get pretty expensive. Something that really caught my eye whilst doing my daily scrolling on Pinterest was this gold glitter coaster from Kate Spade. I love Kate Spade office supplies, but they are so pricey.
Instead of saving up the extra bucks to purchase the coaster, I decided it would be much easier and budget friendly to create my own.


- Cardboard
- Sponge Brushes
- Scissors/ Xacto-knife
- Glitter (color of your choise0
- Modpodge ( 4oz. is $3.99)
- Round Item

Cost: Around $5.00

Trace two circles with your round item onto the cardboard. Once you have done so, cut out both of the circles with you scissors or Xacto Knife.


Glue the two cardboard pieces together. This will help make coaster less flimsy and thicker.


Modpodge the top of your coaster and go at it with lots of glitter. Once the top of the coaster has dried, repeat this step on the back side.


To seal the glitter on the coaster and prevent fall out, add a thick coat of Modpodge or glue adhesive to both sides of your coaster. We wouldn't want glitter getting everywhere!

Wa la!
You are finished! This craft was super easy and is so fun to make. After I made this first coaster, I made a second one. Most of these items you will most likely have in your house already. I have been using my coaster for mugs or setting other things on my desk. Hope you enjoyed this post! If you decide to recreate it, be sure to tag me in an Instagram post @aseersuckerstateofmind.  


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