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September 21, 2015

I recently changed up my theme on Instagram, and a few of you have messaged me asking what exactly I do. I did one of these a few months ago when I had my bright and white theme. If you prefer those kinds of photos, go check it out! I really love the love the theme I have going on right now. I am not really sure how to describe it. I think the more faded photos look great for fall.
One of my favorite photo editing apps for years has been VSCO Cam. If you hear a lot of rave about it, it is because it is truly an app to rave over. I am such a huge fan for all their beautiful filters. I discovered Snapseed awhile back and loved it for brightening and whitening my background. If my photo is really pixelating and not the best quality, I love to use the Photoshop Express application.
How I Edit:

1. Open up my original photo in PS Express.
2. Use the Spring filter and turn it down to 1/4 of the way down. In Photoshop, I will clarify, defog, reduce noise, and brighten as needed.
3. If I want this photo to be brighter, I open up Snapseed.
4. In this app, you can select specific areas to bright or saturate. I will select the areas as needed.
5. Next step, open up VSCO Cam.
6. My favorite filter at the moment is HB1. Depending on the photo, I will reduce or increase the filter. I love the blue tones that it brings out.
7. I will then upload it to my Instagram and apply the Instagram filter Juno. I know! I am using an Instagram filter. I use to hate them, but now I love the different filters. I use Juno. It adds a small green tint and brightens up the photo. I will usually decrease that to about 45%.
8. Next, post the photo!
All these steps depend on the photo though! I do not do all of these every single time, but this is how I generally edit.
I, also, wanted to share some of my favorite feeds.

I, absolutely, love her travel blog, and all her pictures are so gorgeous. She makes me have some serious wanderlust.

She is one of my favorite youtubers and has such a gorgeous feed.

There are no words to describe how gorgeous her feed is besides gorgeous!

They are a styling company and have such a talent. All of their photos are beautiful.

I just discovered Britt through my network and cannot get enough of her photos. She is a lawyer in training, blogger, photographer, digital media consultant, and Instagram pro.

What Instagram feeds have you been loving lately? I would also love to know how you generally edit your photos?


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