Florida Recap

September 14, 2015

If you follow me on Instagram or Snapchat (seersuckerstate), you might have known that I went to Florida for about five days! I went down with my family to drop off my two oldest siblings at college. (Hello, Kaitlyn) That is my sister by the way if you were confused. I actually found out that she reads my blog so that was exciting. Okay, I am getting sidetracked. We traveled about twelve hours to reach the northwest coast of Florida. I took some photos in our travels and decided it would be really cool for me to recap some of the trip for y'all.

For the first two days, we settled my siblings into college. That included unloading the stuffed trailer that we had brought along with us in the 90 degree weather. Let me say this: Florida is humid. North Carolina is very humid, but I would have to say Florida tops that. Unless you wanted to see sweaty photos of me, I did not take any photos besides personal ones of our family. We went to some Chinese buffet after all the unpacking was done. I was a horrible blogger and forgot to take a picture of the enormous amount of food I piled onto my plate. The next day, we were back at the college sorting out papers and all college-related things.
The third day was a finally a day that we got to explore the lovely town. We went down to the historic part of the town. I just fell in love with how cute everything was. I wish I had the time to check out all the darling boutiques. My first thoughts when driving through "This would be a cute place to shoot blog photos". What other blogger does that when driving through a place? We strolled down the marina and the pier. The weather was still warm  but not absolutely scorching. My dad and I are huge ice-cream junkies so of course we had to get a few scoops. I got one scoop of the flavor moose tracks! It was amazing! I say that about most ice-cream flavors though.

We walked down the pier and discovered a boat load of boats (haha, boatload). I do not think I have ever seen so many boats in one place. It definitely placed some envy in my heart for those who are lucky enough to live close to the water. I took my blogiversay photos on there, so watch out for those on September 24st. I am super excited for that! It was golden hour, so the water and view looked absolutely amazing!

The next day was finally beach day! I was stupid and did not think I would want to swim, so I did not wear a swim suit. Yep. I did not think about the weather that day. I, also, took some photos their that will be up later this week. The water was beautiful. It was a lot different from the muddy waters in North Carolina. This was Labor day, so a lot of people swarmed the beaches that day. We went all the way to the end of the beach, so it was not that bad. I cannot complain at all about that.
A few hours later, we decided to leave. Of course, one cannot leave the beach without doing some shopping. Beach stores are so my favorite! By then, it was mid-afternoon, so it was scorching hot. We saw a shaved ice booth and decided to all get some. To some our disappointment, it was not full with sugar as we hoped. The syrup was actually vitamin water. It was pretty good though!

As I said, we did some shopping then hit the closest the Chick-fil-et. I, always getting the #1 meal. The next day, we said good-bye to our two college students. I wish the best of the luck to them and any college student reading! I hope you enjoyed this quick recap of my trip. I will be traveling a lot to Florida again so hopefully will be able to do more of these.
Happy Monday!

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