Red Right Return - 1st Blogiversary

September 24, 2015

Today is a very exciting post! Not only is it an outfit post, but it is A Seersucker State of Mind's one year blogiversary! Yay! As I do a little party dance, I want to thank every single one of you for following along on my journey as a blogger. Whether you have been here since 12 months ago or just recently found my blog, I want to thank you! I had no idea that 12 months later from starting my blog that I would have accomplished a lot of my goals. 

What we have succeeded to do this year:

Reach 6K followers on Instagram.
Work on sponsorships with my favorite companies.
Reach over 8.3k on my blog each month
A Seersucker State of Mind is self-hosted.
Learnt about HTML coding, SEO, and more blogging things.
I had my first blog consultation that helped me improve my blog.
I have made amazing blogger friends!
Participate and host some link-ups.
I wrote a page for Carrie Grace's ebook.
Collaborate with some of my blogger friends.
One of my pins have been repinned over 2K times.
I started a Youtube channel.

Where It All Started: My First Ever Post

I have learnt so much this year, and I definitely proud that I have improved.

Some of My Most Popular and Favorite Posts

What I Have Learned From Blogging

1. Commitment - I have learnt that blogging is not easy. It takes a lot of time, effort, and work. Blogging has taught me that I need to be committed to be able to succeed. Success is not just something that happens overnight. It is something you have to build up and earn.
2. Responsibility - Owning my own blog comes up with a lot of responsibilities. I have to remember to post on my schedule. Remember to check that full inbox. Communicate with my network. Update all of my social media. There are a lot of things to keep up with, and I have learnt how to juggle and take responsibility for all those tasks.
3. Networking - Clicking 'publish' is not the end to each blogging day. I have learnt that social media plays a huge role in bringing in new readers and traffic. Instagram and Facebook are two of the leading traffic sources for my blog. It is so important for me to keep up with those. Networking with other bloggers is so important. Through other bloggers, I have learnt so many things from them and have shared my tips with them, as well. Bloggers will help other bloggers. They will become one of your biggest readers. I love reading my blogger friends' blogs and keeping up with them on social media.

Goals for This Upcoming Year

1. Purchase my first DSLR camera.
2. Remain self-hosted.
3. Create more Youtube videos as an attatchment to my blog.
4. Learn more about SEO  and coding.
5. Gain a larger following on social media.
6. Create more blog traffic.
7. Take an online seminar.
8. Stay on my 3 day a week posting schedule.
9. Collaborate with my favorite brands.
10. Have fun!

These are a few of the things that have come to my mind about what we have accomplished this year. I am so excited to bring on year number two!

I took these photos on an evening while walking along the pier. It was almost golden hour, and the scenery was absolutely gorgeous. The beach pants I am wearing are in Lilly Pulitzer's summer print, Red Right Return. I picked them up from the kids section one day and fell in love with the fit. They are so comfortable. I decided to dress it up with this top from Liz and Honey. I was definitely pretty proud of my outfit that night.
Stephanie, the lady who did my consultation, was kind of enough to offer my followers the chance to win the same consultation that helped me improve my blog and social media. If you are looking into improving your blog and getting more serious about it, you can enter this giveaway through Rafflecopter. a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thanks for reading! I am excited for this upcoming year of blogging. If you blog, what have been some of the most amazing things that have been accomplished because of it? Also, I would love to know how you discover my blog?

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