Devotions of the Week: Vol. 1

October 30, 2015

A Seersucker State of MIndNew series alert! I, recently, came up with a new series idea when doing my devotions right now. It has been on my mind for awhile that I was not sharing my Christianity and belief of God This will be a weekly or every week other week post on a few of my devotions from that past week. I will admit. When it comes to devotions, I am not perfect at it. I do not always find the time or rather make the time to get in the Word.
I have really been into Bible journaling lately. I found SoulScripts on Instagram and am totally inspired by her daily posts. For right now, I am using a regular Bible for my devotions, but I plan to pick up a journaling Bible in the future. 

Tonight, I studied Psalms 98-100 and realized that being a Christian is so much more than just believing in God. Being a Christian is a lifestyle. Not only are we called to love God and embrace his power, you should also shout for Him, exalt Him, and rejoice in His name for He reigns forever. It's like being fanatic for a sport's team. If you are watching a game with your favorite team and their rivals, are you going to be sitting down and silently watching? No! Of course not! You are probably going to be jumping up and down and shouting. Not to belittle God but as for example, think of God as your favorite team, and Satan as the rival team. Exalt God. Shout praises to Him. God is so so good and gave us the ability to talk, walk, and share. Why wouldn't we use those abilities for Him?

A Seersucker State of MInd

Proverbs 10-13.
In today's study, I learnt that God is an amazing friend. He not only sent His son to die for our sins, but he also gives us many things. The righteous will receive joy, refuge, wisdom, words for the right situation, will always be rooted, delivered from death, rescued from trouble, freedom, and will ALWAYS receive goodness. We should not be righteous only for these things but to please Him for He commanded us to do right.
Being truthful will last forever, is right, an honest testimony, delightful, peaceful, and joyous. Through our lips, we have such a huge impact. Our tongue is the most powerful weapon and tool. Use it wisely for a lie stirs up trouble even a "tiny white lie".

A Seersucker State of MInd

I spent some time today studying a song from one of my favorite Christian artists, Hillsong. Mary Kate Rob posted something about it on her Instagram, and I decided to check it out. "Touch The Sky" was written based on the beatitudes: eight blessings from God recounted at the Sermon of the Mount. I found an interview from Hillsong explaining the story behind the song. The verse "I touch the sky when my knees hit the ground" translates to surrender to God and let God be in control. The key in heaven is surrendering. We do not need to make ourselves better or try to elevate ourselves to give our life to God. God takes us for who we are. I just think that it is so amazing that a God so great forgives the sins of our small selves.

A Seersucker State of MInd

Proverbs 31:25:
This verse has been one of my favorites for the longest time. I have so many favorite verses, but this one has to be in the top 3. I am aware that I got the reference wrong in the piece I painted. Yeah, that was not my brightest moment. This verse explains the virtues of a God-fearing woman: strength, courage, dignity. She is not afraid of what is to come, because she has confidence in the plans that God has for her. I believe that this a great verse for every God-fearing woman to have placed somewhere in her home, phone, heart, anywhere! It is a great reminder that one day we will be in walking on Heaven's streets of gold and greeted by God's Words: "Well done by good and faithful servant". 

2 John:
I studies 2 John this night. Although it is a short book, it holds a lot of truth. One of the greatest laws that God gave to us was to love one another. It is so great that God had it written numerous times in the Bible. Love is so great that He tells us "If you hate your brother, you do not love God". Of course, I paraphrased that. Also, in 2 John, John tells us not to fall for false teachings. He tells us if they do not speak the truths of the Bible, they are false. He, also, gives us life advice. If you ever need some really good life advice, I recommend turning to the Bible. Walking in Christ's steps means to walk in love. I, recently, lost my dad to a short-lived battle of cancer. Knowing that he walked in love and was kind to those around him gives me a sense of peace. 
A question I have been asking myself has been "If I died, would people remember me for walking in love?' My dad would always say live everyday like it's you last -- live everyday with a smile on your face, a cheerful attitude, and loving heart. I know that some days you just have a bad day. That's okay! Bad days and bad things were the outcome of sin entering the world. It is only natural that we have those bad days. Those kind of days are best days to have God and I time. Take a few minutes out of the day to pray and/or get into God's Word. I promise you will feel a whole lot better. In conclusion, live everyday with an attitude that you want people to remember you by.

I hope you will enjoy this new series. I will try to keep each devotional summary as short and sweet as possible. Thank you so much for reading! Happy Friday!


Verse of the Week - Psalms 92:15

The Lord is upright, He is my Rock, and there is no wickedness in Him.

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