Grey Outerwear + Neutral Tones

October 5, 2015

Wow! The 90 degree weather sure did change to under 60 degrees overnight. That was mostly due to Hurricane Joaquin. The wind was crazy this past weekend as well as the rain. I actually pulled out my heavy jacket for the weekend. I'm not complaining though! I love big, cozy coats. Well, I love being bundled up. I am naturally cold-natured, so I am always wearing something to warm me up. If you are the same way, let me know, so I don't think I am absolutely crazy when wearing long sleeves in the summer.

On the day of this outfit shoot, it was so windy! I have really long hair so just image me as I am trying pose for the shot. Good thing I was not wearing any lip product on that day or else it would be all in my hair! Oh, one of the many things that come with having long hair. I am so thankful that just a couple days before the weekend, this jacket from Santa Fe Apparel showed up on my doorstep. It is from their new fall line - Latte Black Contemporary. This brand is sold at Target (another excuse to go there), Nasty Gal, Urban Outfitters, and other retail stores.
I have always loved the classic look of pea coats and trench coats. I don't really know how to describe this coat. It is kind of a mix I guess. I love the light grey color! I have really been loving different shades of grey lately (this is not a reference to the movie haha). I definitely cannot wait to wear this more.

I am sassy, or  it is just windy?

I hope everyone is staying warm! I may need to go shopping for some more fall and winter apparel seeing that this new season may bring on some harsh conditions. What outerwear pieces are you loving this season? Vests, utility jackets, cardigans, pea coats?
Also, for 20% off of this jacket or any other jackets at Santa Fe Apparel, I have a very generous discount code from them "SEERSUCKER20'.

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