Devotions of the Week | Vol. 5

December 4, 2015

Happy Friday! I hope this week was great for you all, and the weekend be even better! There was no devotional last week, because I was on break for Thanksgiving. I hope you enjoyed Ashley's guest post about layering. She did such a great job on it. I am so happy to write up another edition to this devotional series. I, recently, got my own journaling Bible. I received some questions on Instagram asking where it was from. I got it at the Family Christian Book store. I cannot find it online, but here is one very similar. I am so in love with Bible journaling. I will be honest. When I was younger, I thought reading the Bible was the most boring thing. I loved reading, but I could never dive into the Bible like now. I definitely think Bible journaling has helped me love reading God's Word even more and learn so much. 
Since I have started Bible journalling, I have not been doing as many paintings or small hand lettering for my devotions. I have not been taking down the date of all my devotionals, so I was kind of at a loss of what I would write up. I decided that I would take one page from this week's devotion and tell you how God spoke to me this week.  
I have always loved Psalms. The only book in the Bible that I could read when I was little was Psalms. David illustrated God's love so beautifully. I studied a few verses from Psalms 144 though 146 this week. Again, I am going to say that God's Word is so beautiful.
It is Christmas season. The holidays are here and Christmas cheer is all around us, but for some people, Christmas is not that cheerful. I never thought that my family would be on of those families this year. Going through a loss is tough. Holidays are tough. You know who is tougher and bigger though? God. In Psalms 144 verse 2, it says that God is the One in who I should take refuge in. He is our shield. He is our Rock. You are never alone. God will always be there to comfort you, bless you, and all around love you. In the good times and the bad times, God will be the One that you can always go to.We don't have to have that fear of being alone, because God will not allow us to be alone. He will be there through everything. All we have to do is put our faith and trust in Him.
One thing in my life that I, personally, need to work on is humility. I like to be right. I like to win. I am a competitive athlete of course I like that big win. So putting my trust and my whole life in the hands of God was really humbling for me. I sometimes forget to give glory to God who gave me the gift of playing sports, painting, calligraphy, or in any other talent. I sometimes forget that I should not have my hands on the controller in my life. I sometimes forget that I am not alone. I have a Savior who opens up His arms for me for refuge. In that one part of that verse, I really got the message that I have a Christ who wants me to go to Him. 
Throughout this whole chapter, it speaks of how God has His hand out for us. It is us who has to take it. I consider myself a pretty content and happy person. I have been told that my smile never goes away. I really did not notice until someone in my old school asked if I ever stopped smiling. I tried to for a few minutes, but I cracked. Whenever I attempt to, I utterly fail. I have a reason to smile though. "Happy are the people who are such a state; Happy are the people whose God is the Lord (144:15)." I am happy, because I have Christ. I am saved. I have noticed such an incline of happiness in my life lately. I have been so much more into openly worshiping my God and sharing it with others. I have been just so happy and that is because I have a deeper relationship with Christ now. I have recently reconnected with old friends and have gained wonderful new ones in which I can all talk freely about God. I have always admired those people who had a huge grin on their face when talking about God or had no care in the world when worshiping Him. I realized that if I had that deep relationship with Him, that I could be like that too. Honestly, I have been. Worship time at my youth it so much fun. Wednesday night was baptism night. Yes, I cried a little, because everyone in the room was filled with so much excitement, and it was like a big party. We jumped in praise, we sang out, and we all openly as teenagers proclaimed our love for God. That is what I love to see. I know a lot of people struggle with happiness and joy. A lot of doctors do not recommend reading your Bible, but I do believe that it does make a huge difference. Knowing your purpose makes a huge difference. 
Our purpose here on this earth is to praise and exalt God. God is so amazing. I think I have said that so many times already, but He is. Has anyone been noticing the beautiful sunsets lately? Wow! My personal instagram is filled with sunset photos. Those sunsets are God's works. That beautiful deep, wide ocean is God's work. In everything we do, we should give honor and praise to that Creator. I love worship time and singing to Him. I may not be the best singer in the world, but when I sing praises to Him, He does not care about my skills but my intentions. Everyone has a talent. Maybe you have not discovered yours yet or maybe you have. Worship time in church is not the only time we can worship God. We can worship Him by doing our best in everything and giving Him the glory. 
Oh, I love this next verse! In chapter 145 verse 8 and 9, it speaks of how our Lord is filled with grace and compassion. He is slow to anger and great in mercy. He is good. He is such a great example to us. I definitely have a short temper. I get frustrated really quickly especially when something does not go the way I wanted it to. But God does not get angry at us. He is slow at anger and shows us mercy all the time. 
 If God who sent His only Son to die for us can show us mercy all the time, why can't we do that to others? 
This is a question that I will be pondering on for myself, and I hope you do as well. Really what I got out of this week's devotionals was that our happiness comes from the Lord. God will always have is outstretched hand for us, and He should be glorified and praised. My favorite passage from this week was Psalms 146:8:
The Lord opens the eyes of the blind. the Lord raises those who are bowed down. The Lord loves the righteous. 

He is so great and does so many things for us. Through Him, I have found true happiness. He breaks people free of that sadness, of that depression, of that feeling of loneliness and hurt. He is so loving and compassionate. I would love to write down everything He is, but this is a really lengthy post already. I hope you got some kind of message out of what God gave me this week. I am so thankful that I am able to tell you all about Him freely and that He has given me the talent to express my thoughts in this way. 


Verse of the Week:

 Ps. 139: 1-2
"O Lord, thou hast searched me and known me. Thou knowest my downsitting and mine uprising, though understandest my though afar off."

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