Devotions of the Week | Vol 6 - Studying God's Word

December 11, 2015

This week I was approached with the problem of 'how to get into God's Word?'. I am my friend's accountability partner, and she was telling me how she was getting behind on studying God's Word. Last weekend, I was talking about devotions with my best friend. When I was reading some of the comments from my post last week, the subject of 'not getting into God's Word as much as they should' came up. I really felt like I was being called this week to talk about this subject.
When studying God's Word, ask yourself why you are doing it. Are you studying God's Word, so that you can say 'yes, I do my daily devotion'? Or are you studying God's Word to check that off your chore list? Or studying His Word for the purpose of growing a relationship with Him? When I was younger, I opened up my Bible, read a chapter or two, and then checked that off of my mental chore list. I was not reading the Bible for the purpose for what is was written. When reading any book in general, what is your purpose for reading that book? It is to gain new or more knowledge. God gave us the Word for that same purpose -- to learn more about Him. I definitely do have to say that I thought and still think that some parts of the Bible are boring. "Abraham begat so and so... David begat so and so...". My eyes would just skim over all those "boring" parts. I have learned that all those "boring" parts are actually purposeful. Everything in God's Word is purposeful. I had to remember that I am not studying God's Word for entertainment but for learning and growing. 
Something that has really helped me get into God's Word more is Bible journaling. As I mentioned last week, my journaling Bible is from my Family Christian Book Store. Since I have been highlighting, annotating, and  really breaking down what I have been reading, I have learned so much more. I am a visual learner, so if you are the same way, I recommend picking up a journaling Bible. I do actually have a color coding system for when I highlight. It has helped so much. A lot of the parts of the Bible, I do not really understand. Since I have been annotating and breaking down parts, I feel like I have better understanding and appreciation for the Bible.
One thing, I would highly recommend is actually setting a time for when you do your devotions. I do my devotions at night around 9:00. Because I have set a time for my devotions, I have everything else throughout my day planned around it. There is no excuse for me now that "I don't have time". Everyone is different, and everyone has different schedules. If you are a morning person, then set a time to start your day out in God's Word. More power to you! I am not the best morning person, so I like to end my day with reading the Bible. 
If you are a Christian, you have a purpose. Your purpose is to in all things glorify Christ. How are we suppose to do that when we do not know Him? That's where the Bible comes in. As I said before, the Bible is here for the purpose of learning more about God. In this post, I just want to get across that we have to remember our purpose and the Bible's purpose. That is our motivation. Our motivation, our goal is to grow deeper in God's love.
I really encourage you all to set a time, remember the purpose, and even get an accountability partner. I am partnered with my best friend, and we text each other what we have learned from our devotions. Being accountable to someone else, definitely gives you some motivation. 



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