Travel Guide: Wiliamsburg Recap

January 6, 2016

 I was really excited when I opened the envelope to our Christmas vacation destination and read 'Williamsburg'. I just received my new camera before that and was very excited to be able to bring that along with me for the trip. We went to five main places during our small trip. I am still getting the hang of this camera, but I am very glad I was able to capture my family's time in Williamsburg. 

1. Colonial Williamsburg

During the first day of being in Williamsburg, we went to Colonial Williamsburg. All of the houses and the little town were so cute! I loved visiting Colonial Williamsburg. A lot of their Christmas reefs and small decorations were up. We walked around the whole town and saw some colonial stores, carriages, and little markets. 

2. Busch Gardens

Busch Gardens does not open until two, so we stayed at Colonial Williamsburg until noon. Christmas was over but not in Busch Gardens. I am not one to ride on roller-coasters, so I cannot really recommend any good ones. Christmas Towne was going on at Busch Gardens, and all the decorations were still up. I love Christmas, so I was excited to experience it for a little longer this year. 
We rode on one of those trolley lifts and were able to see all of the lights at night. I am afraid of heights, so I was not able to stick my camera out and take some photos. I really love Busch Gardens, and it is such a fun place to be at during the holidays. 

3. Jamestown 

Jamestown was definitely my favorite place to visit. I really loved seeing the native village as well as the English town.  The demonstrations were so cool to watch. I love little villiages! After learning about Jamestown in every history course I have taken, it was really neat to finally see it in person. 

They also had a few ships that we could go on. The canons and all the gear were on there. 

4. Yorktown 

In Yorktown, they had a few demonstrations. I went to see the canon demonstration. Yes, I jumped when it went off! I have learned about Yorktown in numerous history lessons and was able to see the troops' living quarters. 

5. Battlefield of Yorktown 

The final destination in our small trip to Williamsburg was the Battlefield of Yorktown. The battle of the Revolutionary War. All of the canons were assembled, and we could still see the trenches dug.

I am definitely excited to go back and visit Williamsburg. I have a love for cute towns and this was one of them! Have you been to Williamsburg? What places did I miss on this trip? I really look forward to exploring more next time.


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