Finding Joy | Devotions of the Week Vol. 9

February 5, 2016

"The joy of our Lord is your strength."
Nehemiah 8:10
One of the greatest desires is happiness. You long for that something or someone to make you feel happy. As a teenager, I see everyone around me either in a relationship or going into one. There is something I realized though -- joy does not come from the world. Our joy and happiness cannot be found in world things. Sure, that pay check may give you a satisfying feeling but does that last for long (at least with me it doesn't). Yeah, that brand new purse that you have wanted forever may give you joy but eventually it gets old, and you don't find it as fulfilling. Fact is, nothing in this world lasts forever -- money, food, products, and people.
That is why we are all continuously searching for that joy and happiness. We are continuously look for that one to make us eternally happy. Yes, God does place that one man or woman to make you happy until death do you part not until eternity. Yes, He does place people and opportunities in our life for joy. While these things won't eternally give me joy, there is one thing that does -- God.
He is eternal. He has no beginning or end. He is joy.
When you find your joy in the Lord, you don't have to keep on searching. You have that joy for the long run. Isn't He so good? The fact that God can love us and give us joy forever is kind of mind-blowing. Even through our sins, He blesses us with forgiveness and joy.
It's not bad to love and find joy in your worldly possessions. Give these joy to the Lord. Lift up the joys He has given you. It is so reassuring when you can say that I have found happiness for eternity. I have found joy in the dark.
The greatest of all joy is eternal -- Jesus Christ.
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