He Let The Light In | Kennedy Clayton | Music Video Launch

February 24, 2016

2 Corinthians 4:6 // "For God, who said, "Let light shine out of darkness," made his light shine in our hearts to give us the light of the knowledge of God's glory displayed in the face of Christ."

Through the words "let their be light", light entered into this world. Through the voice of our almighty God, we can be transformed into light from darkness. No longer do we have to live in the dark, no longer do we have to be burdened with our sin. Because we have a God who in the midst of darkness, shines His light. 





"I am like a blind man seeing for the first time
He let the light in, let the light in
All of His wonder, this world in color
You let the light in, let the light in
Took a little while
But He stayed by me faithfully
He's alive and His hope is shining
You let the light in, let the light in.."

Those lyrics are from my beautiful best friend's original song, He Let the Light In. Through song, she illustrates how with God she overcame sickness. The Lord worked a miracle in her life.

Kennedy's mom: 
"We are so excited to present to you Kennedy's first original song and music video! This is a story of a miracle. A story of hope. As many know, and just as many don't know....Kennedy was very sick from age 6 until age 12. When she was 6, she came down with a sore throat, which ended up being a strep infection that was missed. Little did we know how much something as simple as strep throat could change a little life. As the ramifications of this common diagnosis snowballed, it caused life to be next to impossible for her. Her childhood was stripped away as she struggled daily to function. Doctor after doctor could not diagnose her and did not know what was wrong. (She went nearly 3 years not knowing why or what was causing her symptoms/sickness). We finally contacted a doctor in NJ, Dr. Rosario Trifiletti. To this day, we believe he was sent from God. He was able to diagnose and treat her despite the miles between us. Doctors had given her a "there's no hope" prognosis...That whatever it was causing her symptoms would always just be there. They were baffled and just simply said it wasn't treatable. Dr. T, as we affectionately called him, disagreed and aggressively began to attempt to treat her. In a world where not much was known about what he diagnosed as PANDAS, whether or not she would fully recover was up in the air. Was the damage already done after 3 years of no treatment? At that point, we were unsure. Would she get better? Yes, it was possible. Would she fully recover? Unknown. But God STILL WORKS MIRACLES!! In medicine, you can work with variables that human hands have tested through trial and error. But ultimately, He is the Great Physician who can cure all. And that's what He did. He completely cured Kennedy. She is completely healed! No residual symptoms...Nothing! You would never know what she has been through! After following stories of others with this same diagnosis, we know that this road when handed to a parent and child seems impossible to navigate. Great strides are being made in this area of medicine and only time will tell if man can find a complete cure. But Kennedy saw COMPLETE RESTORATION AND HEALING. God is so good!! Please enjoy this and let this be an encouragement to you if you are searching for answers. The video chronicles our search for answers...From darkness, to glimpses of hope, to complete freedom/healing. Please, please share this video and tell her story!!"

How amazing is our God?! 

We would love if you took a look at her new music video and shared it.


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