To The Christian Too Scared To Share

May 11, 2016

Hey Christian Who Is Scared to Share Their Story,

Sharing is scary. Being vulnerable is hard. Opening your heart is not easy. The fear of shortness of words or lack of vernacular is standing in the way of being bold for Christ. You might be thinking that you are unqualified. My story isn't amazing. It doesn't include overcoming this horrible trial and falling to the ground in surrender. I don't have this amazing talent to say my words in an eloquent way. Compared to this person, my story is small and inadequate. This is so out of my comfort zone. I would rather stay in my little box. I can't spit out Bible verses like how Kanye spits out raps. I am not an Einstein of the Bible. I am so unqualified.

 God isn't looking for the qualified. If that were the case, then no one would be sharing. God isn't just looking for just the people who leaped through trials and mountains and found redemption in His name to share their story. The Devil is going to taunt us and say that we are inadequate. He is going to say we have no right to share the righteousness of the Lord. But hey, Jesus did not die for the holy, He died for the broken. We are chosen. We are His chosen people. As His chosen people, we are commanded to go into the world and preach His Word (Mark 16:15). We are to declare His beauty and delight in His great name. We are all equal. All of us were paid for. Regardless if you came to Christ out of rebellion or came to Christ from your future rebellion, our testimony is a witness to God's amazing grace and mercy.

Our testimony is an amazing thing. In telling your story, you are telling how God worked and moved in your life. This story is not about you but about God. When we tell others about how Jesus made in you a new creation, we can gain this deeper understanding. We are called to be the vessels of God. We are His hands and feet on this earth. Yes, sharing is scary. It's intimidating. God bridges that gap that stands in the way from you sharing your heart. He stands beside us and put in us the words to say. We don't need to know all the words in the dictionary to describe how amazing and powerful our God is. All we need is Christ. He will give us words. He will help us plant those seeds within people.

Roman 10: 15 // "And how can anyone preach unless they are sent? As it is written: "How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news!" We can be those people. We can preach because God has entrusted us with His words of life. He has given us the tools to do it. He has given us the Bible to proclaim it and prayer to lift it. He has given us truth upon truth so that we can share that truth. The Gospel is powerful within itself. We can all ignore that push to share our story. I tried. My heart began to grow weary and longed for something more. The burden of fear was overcoming me. I hate being vulnerable and raw. I could not sleep with the devotions from that morning prompting me to share or the verse I came across that gave a certain commandment. I wrestled with this fear and could not win. I could not win without Christ.

Sometimes in our walk with God, it is going to be uncomfortable. But God doesn't say our walk is going to be all rainbows and butterflies, the Christian walk can be kind of bumpy and this world is going to try to knock us down. It's going to push us in the opposite direction. The narrow path is not easy. God tells us to step out of our comfort zone and be His disciples. As disciples, we are chosen to spread His name. Our mission is to spread the Gospel. We are called to be bold. Go out on a limb. Trust that God can work through you. Let's be brave. Let's lift up our hearts and remember that God has an amazing plan.
Lift your battered heart up to God. Let Him take you up and wrap you in His comforting arms.
God wants to use you, mold you, and grow you. He wants for His name to be ever so glorified. He wants for us to spread His love to His lost children, and we have the opportunity to do that.  God will remove this fear if you just let Him.Our story can be the truth that sets someone else free.
The truth sets us free from our fears. Faith speaks louder than our fears. So Christians, let's step out and overcome the fears that have burdened us and grown us weary. Let's share the story that God gave us.

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