Christian Creative: Kate Ashbrook

June 14, 2016

Hello! I am so excited to come to you with another blog post in this series, Christian Creative. Today, we are meeting one of my favorite Instagrammers. She certainly knows how to use her platform to spread the light of our awesome God. Kate has such a joyful spirit and that is why I definitely wanted for you all to meet her.


Hey, Kate! Okay, so tell me who are you?

Well for starters, I'm Kate. I'll be 21 at the end of this month. I love coincidence, black coffee + Audrey Hepburn. I love putting smiles on people's faces, even if they're a complete stranger. A smile is all the satisfaction I need. I love vintage, candles that smell like Christmas, and the ocean. I love the way snow sparkles when the sun hits it just right. I love the color purple, baking, and the sound an acoustic guitar makes. I love deep conversations, and hot chocolate, the sun on my face and sweaters. My faith is an important factor of my life, though at times, I won't be as strong in it as I hope. My perfect day would have to be singing, playing music, or a day on the beach. I'm easily tempered at injustice as well as just the right amount of snarky. I'm an old soul that feels like she doesn't quite belong in the era she was born in. 

 I hate these kinds of questions but tell me three quirky or weird facts about yourself.

Three quirky or weird facts about myself would probably be that I can lick my elbow, I know weird right? I really dislike bacon...I don't know why, I've just never been a fan of it and I'm also strangely good at picking things up with my feet, somewhat like a chimp! hahaha! 

What is your favorite place for coffee?

My favorite place for coffee would either have to be La Farm Bakery in Cary or Thanks A Latte in Holly Springs! :)

When you started your Instagram, what ultimately was your vision?

Oh goodness, when I started my Instagram, I just made because it was the thing everyone was doing! I got my first iPhone, so I made an Instagram! I never thought I would meet the people I have through a social media application and I never thought many would want to follow me and/or care what I had to say. Over the years, as I started sharing my heart and sharing my story through Instagram, I would get messages from others telling me how my story gave them strength or they found me inspiring and look forward to my posts every day. This is an honor that I will forever be grateful for and will never know how to thank those enough who care to listen to me! I love sharing love and truth through written word as well as artistic and visual expression. I've always been a fan of taking photographs, so Instagram is a wonderful place to showcase that! 

Your photos are all so beautiful. What is your favorite photo editing app?

My very favorite photo editing app is VSCO ...I use it for everything and always suggest it to my friends to use because I love it so much! I also am a fan of Afterlight :) 

Describe your style.

If I had to describe my style, I would say that it is boho/vintage/grandma chic...does that make sense? hahaha I just adore vintage floral patterns, big knit cardigans, oxfords, and I'm definitely a fan of anything high waisted! I'm not one for bright colors, I tend to wear a lotttt of neutrals! Burgundy/maroon would have to be my very favorite! Also, I'm a HUGE fan of funky tights, ones with pattern or a unique color such as mustard yellow or forest green!

I know you were recently baptized. What led you to being baptized?

I was recently baptized on May 15th and what a wonderful day it was! I've been a Christian my whole life, growing up in a faith-based household, going to church every Sunday, but my faith has been through many highs and lows...every Christian experiences this. Especially with my struggles with mental illness, I would often question and be mad at God for making me this way. Why do I feel things so very deeply? It's still a question I ask myself every day, but I'm accepting that that's the way Christ made me and how He wants me to be in this world! I hit a very low point of my life at the end of my sophomore year of college where I was sent home by the university and took time off to heal myself. It was this year where I learned the most about myself and grew in my faith tremendously. I was starting to recognize the value that I had in being a child of the King and Creator and how after all the ways I have upset Him and sinned, He still chases for me, there's nothing more that he wants than a relationship with us.  I had always seen people getting baptized and never had the courage to do so until about a couple months ago, where I wanted to publicly declare Him as my Savior and I have been REDEEMED!! 

What has God been teaching you lately?

God has been teaching me lately that I am not in control no matter how much I want to be.  I'm a person to very much like handling things by myself and I feel like I know what's best for me, when the truth is, I don't know anything...I need to give it all to Him and just trust that He has a plan + it will always be for me to prosper!

Brunch date outfit?

Ahhh brunch is my very favorite!! As far as outfits go, I usually go for a dress over pants! Something that makes me feel good is the best! I'm not a fan of heels whatsoever, so I will pair a dress with combat boots and lace socks to add a bit more of a feminine/vintage touch!

What is a mantra that you live by?

There's a quote of Plato's that I love that says "Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle" and I try my very best to live by this every day.  Showing kindness will never fail! Also it's a way of showing the unconditional love of Christ to others! 

I have so many favorite verses, and I would love to know yours, Kate!

My absolute favorite verse is Micah 7:8 that says "Rejoice not over me, O' my enemy; when I fall, I shall rise; when I sit in darkness, the Lord shall be a light to me" -- so true for so many parts of my life! He is such a good, good Father!! 

Isn't she such a beautiful soul?! Follow Kate on her journey with Christ on her Instagram.

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