Dear Girl Struggling with the Image You See

June 29, 2016

Dear Girl Struggling with the Image You See,

"Hi, I am Mikayla. I am a high school student. I have long, black hair and dark brown eyes. I love photography and hope to pursue that in the future."

It can be so easy to be swept up in the motions of worry and anxiety as we all at some point ask in our life "Who am I?", It can be easy to surpass the exterior of yourself as your identity. As you skim through magazines on the shelves in the grocery store, you feel your self-worth slowly diminishing. You feel yourself trapped within a body you wish was not yours. The voices of our Heavenly Father saying your worth is not defined by your appearance is being pushed out by the words that oh, yes it is. You use photo-shopped photos as your benchmark. Delight is not coming from the Lord anymore but by the few pounds that you shredded off that week. You are fueling yourself with media and not digging into what is really important -- the Word. You are blind-sighted by these desires that you don't see God's desire. His desire is for you to know something -- you are His.

As you scroll rigorously through the feed of this seemingly "perfect" person, something so precious inside you feels like it's fading. Your new ambition is to replicate this person. Be this person. You have found a new identity for yourself -- this person. You strive so much to mirror them that you cannot even catch yourself falling when the pressure hits you. Again, you feel as if your self-worth has diminished. You watch these movie, these books that make you long for such love -- such a beautiful love. You seek to find "the one". Find this perfect guy in the movies and books. Your thoughts are buried with fantasies and when you don't find "the one" in the short allotted time, then again you feel your worth is faded. You feel as like you have become less.

Oh sweet girl, you are loved. You are wanted. You are worth it. Don't ever let the lies of a boy dictate your life. Don't ever let the scale rule your day. Don't ever let that mistake sit on your shoulders. You are a Daughter of the King, a child of a wonderful father. You are more that just a face. You are more than a body. That love you are looking for, if you don't stop and open your eyes toward heaven, you might never find it. That love, oh, there is only one love that is so deep and so wide. There is only one love that saturates so fully.

Your worth is not defined by the lies that the world feeds you but of the truth that God gives you.

Darling, you are far more precious that imaginable. (She is more precious that rubies... Proverbs 51:10). It can be hard to find our identity. I know. I so often introduce myself with my appearance or obligation. I so often confuse my outward flaws with my inward. Materialization is mistaken with identification. I was trying to figure out who I was so hard. While trying to figure out who we are is awesome, we just have to remember everything that we are is of Christ. Everything that we pursue should be of God. The measuring stick of ourselves does not come from the world but of God. As you pursue to find your identity, do not get fixated on what seems perfect in this world. Be fixated on what is perfect in the eyes of God. Refocus yourself. Shift your mind to the God who wants you to know -- you are beautiful in the sight of Him. His creation is altogether beautiful (Ecc. 3:11).

Identify yourself from your heart, from your soul. Let's try this introduction again.

"Hi, I'm Mikayla, a Daughter of the King and chosen child of a wonderful Father. I am a free spirit with a heart for others. I am a creative who's mind is always at work. I am an eager being searching to uplift and bless. I feel broken deep within, but as I struggle my God is helping. He is pulling me up on my feet. He is carrying me as I am too weak and too small to take on the impact of life. His love is an everlasting love. His love encourages me to only love deeper, love harder. His love encourages me to share His love. His love has encouraged me to use my love. Through the paint on my brush, the lens of my camera, the words on my blog, I can share -- create. Through the power of God, the will of His plan, I can be His disciple. I am His chosen child, a children who is sweetly broken, but wholly surrendered."

Sweet girl, do not get trapped by comparison. Do not doubt your worth. These lies, give them to God. You are formed by the hands of the Painter of the night skies. You are loved by the Father who gave it all.

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