Above All Else, Please, Guard Your Heart

July 13, 2016

My heart is wandering in all different directions. God has put a fire in my soul. He has put a desire in my heart that has not ceased. He is revealing to me His perfect plan for me. I am thankful. Thankful that He is a good God -- a God who's promises never fail. He is a God worth putting my faith in. He is a God who I could write a love letter that never ends to. I could go on and on and on and on and you guessed it on about the goodness of God. I'll save that for another blog though (wink wink). I am in a place where I am confident. Confident in my hope of the future. In pursuit of this uphill battle, God has been pursuing me. He has been pursuing my heart. He is an endless pursuit for me -- for us.
That gives me so much joy -- so much belonging. He is relentlessly pursuing me as His daughter. He wants a further connection. He wants a deeper relationship. He wants be the center of our core. Piece by piece, He is breaking me to mold me -- form me. He is showing me that to get to my high I have to start at my low. Lovingly, He is embracing me. He is telling me to guard something very valuable. He is telling with every inch of my soul to protect my heart. 
As I write letters to my 8th grade girls of my small group soon to be freshman, I write three words that speak volume -- guard your heart. Your heart is a valuable possession. We are so fragile and susceptible to lies. I write in these letters to my three girls to do everything in your will to protect your heart. Let the Holy Spirit be your guard. Strengthen it with the power of the Word. Be beautiful inside and create a soul that honors God. I tell them to fill themselves up with truth. Your heart creates who you ultimately are. It can be easily broken if you aren't relying on God. It cannot be fixed without the healing hands of Him. Withing your heart, everything flows from it -- love, peace, kindness, sincerity, anger, anxiety. That all comes from within you. 

Proverbs 4:23 // "Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it."

Whilst writing these letters, I was reminded -- one's life reflects the heart (Proverbs 27:19). Being beautiful inside is far more precious than physical beauty. Pretty souls are way more attractive. Kindness goes a long way. While tools of knowledge, strength, beauty are great, your heart attitude is far above them all. This reminder is to not be taken lightly. Worthless things are not called to be guarded. This is a worthy thing. Make this a top priority. Remind yourself daily. Your heart is as if a river. It flows. It has the potential to flow out goodness and wealth. Once it is intoxicated with muck, it is hard and a long process to get out. Guarding your heart does not mean to be in constant fear of the muck. It means create your boundaries. Rely on God. Don't lock up your heart and put it n the shelf. Living in fear is not what we are called to. Yes, our hearts will be broken. As a young woman of God, I am not going to tell you that if you strive to guard your heart, it will never be broken. I am telling you if we cannot guard our hearts alone. The pressure of guarding our hearts on our own is too much. It is fear bounding. If we let God have control, peace will arise. 
I have always been clueless on what this phrase meant -- what every pastor and leader meant by these repeating words. It never was clear to me on how to protect myself. I was relying on instructions rather than God. I was relying on myself to figure this out. It never came so clearly until I realized -- I cannot do such a difficult task by myself as I am only human. I am susceptible to sin, but God isn't. He is loving. He is kind. He is sincere. He is where my heart desires to be. Guarding your heart is not putting a wall up. It's not putting a wall of fear up. It is putting it in the hands of Christ. 
I leave you with this -- win the battle within your heart with God as your leader. Let Him be your victor. Dig deep into the word and root yourself within truth. Above all, be diligent and guard your heart.

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