Surrounded by the Greatest Artist's Works

July 14, 2016

I am all about visuals. I am a visual learning. I put two and two together better when I can see it. That is why I love God's creation. I love that I can see Genesis 1 come to life through everything I see. The glorious mountains are a testimony of how God's hands are so intricate. The beauty in the skies of sunrise and sunset show how our God is the greatest artists of all. The crevices and ridges in each stone reveal how detailed He is. He is so detailed. Out of His hands, He declared everything good. EVERYTHING! Not just one thing, not just two, EVERYTHING. He never compares His work. He declares it all good -- nothing is left out.

 When God says something is good and perfect in His sight, you better believe it! 
There is a reason I love hiking so much. I love walking in the midst of silence. I love exploring the beauty around me. Adventure is always on my mind. I feel like that is some cheesy quote, but it's true. I love seeking something new. My heart longs for a thrill. As I hike here in North Carolina or in the Smokey Mountains of Tennessee, I am always reminded that I am in the presence of something bigger than me. I am in the presence of God's own handiwork. I have taken for granted the gifts that He has provided me. My mind had lost its wonder. Stay ever in the wonder of God. Be like a child. I love watching children in toy stores (I don't say that in a creepy way). I love watching their expression when they see this one thing that totally captivates. They are totally in awe. All of their focus is on that one thing. They stare at it as if it's the most amazing thing in the world. To them, it is.
Do we stare at God's work like it's the most marvelous thing? Do we have the amazement of a child in a toy store? I am guilty of not being in that same awe. I am guilty of my eyes not being totally mystified by God's divine grace.

We were created so that we can enjoy His work with God. We were created to bring back that worship -- bring up our praises. His glory is impressive beyond agree. His artwork in not of comparison. Have a fire in your heart -- a desire in your thoughts to be in wonder. Every detail of this earth and every detail of our life was molded and created in God's hands. I, personally, think that is amazing!

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