My Worth Was Undervalued

September 22, 2016


They always get me. The flow of pink painted softly in the sky and the dash of blues and purples that dance effortlessly make my heart skip a beat. It is no wonder how amazing our Creator is. His strong hands molded the crevices and cracks of the mountains. His gentle eyes looked at His creation with much admiration.

"It is good," (Genesis 1:31) He actually quotes.

He saw all of His creation with beauty and purpose. He saw it with joy.

I know that I can revel in His greatness, because it is all around me. My praise can be lifted, because He has lifted me. 


I have a love for people. Yes, I think I like people more than sunsets. If you know me, you know I deeply love sunsets. That's a big deal. 

Satan, can sometimes get to me. He uses riddles and enigmas to weave through the strong barrier on my heart. He persuades me with poetic words to lower myself -- lower my worth. He shoves the success of others up my face and talks me down. I see the greatness of others and forget -- forget what I am defined by. I see how intelligent another is and long for their brains. I see the talents of others and wish my fingers could play the same strong tune. I see the hearts of another and feel like mine is so much less.

My self-esteem lowered, my worth under-valued. 

I like to tell my small groups girls one specific thing -- your value is immeasurable. It is worth more than the most beautiful rubies. You are a gem from the Highest, a diamond from the Richest. Like running water, your youth and beauty flows. 

Man, Mikayla. You should really listen to yourself sometimes. You should really listening to the strong voice of God saying these things. 

God does not see us as a speck of dust among many specks of this world. He sees us as His. We are wholly child, sweetly broken. We are daughter. We are son. We are chosen. We are the broken people He came for. Let your ears be filled with encouragement. Tune out Satan's words with God's strong voice. Let God be your Victor in your heart. 

People, you are the light of the world. You are the city set on a hill. (Matthew 5:13-16).

You are not defined by this world. 

You are outside of the world seeking to be the hands and feet for Christ. Our jobs are to love people. Love a lot. Love a whole lot. Be encouraging. We cannot be encouraging to others if we undermine our own worth. Know your value. Know that we are defined by God's loving necklaces of grace and crowns of mercy. 

Know that the same God who made the dancing sunsets made the beautiful faces that roam this earth. We are seen as good. We are seen as His creation. We are the creation of the greatest Artist. 

We have a wonderful example of a person who loved more. We have a perfect example of humility. Christ.

We can easily see His value. We can easily see how important and amazing Christ is. We know that He is the King. He has claim of all of this world. It's captivating to know that He was King, but He came to be a servant. He came to serve although He was a Ruler. 

Let's seek Christ as our example. Place ourselves second. Pour out more love than hate. Be a source of passion. Be a reflection of our amazing God. Show people that we serve a great God who tells us that we are so worth it. We are so worth loving. 

Be His hands and feet. 

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