Be Yellow.

January 6, 2017

I love the affect that the color yellow has on me.

Especially its color in sunflowers.

It makes me smile.

It makes my heart tender. 

How in the world can one color from the light's spectrum create such a warm fuzzy feeling?

I like making lists of things that make me happy so on not-so happy days, I can look back and be grateful for those things.

Yellow is on my list. 

I want to be yellow.

I want to make people smile. 

I want to be the sliver of sunshine dancing on the fragile pages of a person's life. I want to brighten one's day by making an appearance. I want to twirl myself in the swirl of their journey. I want to be the small stroke of color that is the breath of air to the canvas. Yes, I want to be yellow. I want to share this little light of mine. My tender heart wants to be loving on people. In a world of bleak color, dotted 'i's' and dashed 't's', I want to be a GIGANTIC splash of yellow. I want to be the puddle that brings joy on a rainy day -- the crazy dance jig in the downpour. In a world of silent screams and blank faces, I want to be the shout that wakes up the sun. 

Be yellow with me. Be bright and shiny and beautiful. Be the kind of soul that makes the sea of sad stares see happiness. 

- m.c.

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